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Witness the Marvelous Chaos With the Release of Moon Knight Trailer

In Marvel comics, Marc Specter is also known as the anti-hero Moon Knight, where he suffers from a dissociative identity disorder

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Khushant Runghe
Khushant Runghe
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INDIA: The trailer opens with Oscar Isaac’s character Marc Specter, who is lying on a bed with a strained expression on his face. We can see a sleep monitor app beside him, which he would use to stay awake.

Terror of multiple personalities

In Marvel comics, Marc Specter is also known as the anti-hero Moon Knight, where he suffers from a dissociative identity disorder. As a result, his mind includes numerous personalities. That’s why the trailer opens with him monitoring his sleep, attempting to stay awake because if he falls asleep, he won’t know whose personality he’ll adopt or what havoc he’ll wreak.

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We can see that he has tied himself with a chain to avoid such a situation. But, having succumbed to his fate, he falls asleep, and when he wakes up, he tries to flee in terror, as evidenced by the fact that he had covered his bed with salt. This may fully illustrate how salt is a symbol of protection from evil in numerous old lore of diverse religions. This could be a nod to the show’s depiction of Greek lore and legends.

The trailer’s next scene provides a proper view of London. For a long time, Marvel has included London in its main films, such as Eternals, where Dane Whitman, a.k.a. Black Knight, encounters Blade in the post-credit scene. Which strongly suggests that at least one of the characters will appear in the series.

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We can also see Marc dizzy and fatigued in the trailer, which is, of course, a symptom of dissociative identity disorder. We can notice that he is working in a museum within the Egyptian section under the name Steven Grant, which is one of his many personalities. However, Steven Grant is a millionaire in the Marvel comics, and we may see a different aspect of him in the series.

Khonsu approaches towards Marc

Then, after all of the standard shots, there’s an elevator scene with a figure in a white coat with a bird-like skull as his face hovering at a higher level than the rest of his body. This confirms that it’s none other than Khonsu. . Who is an Egyptian god of the Moon whose name means “wanderer,” specifically “night traveler”, In the comics, Khonsu is the sole source of Moon Knight’s abilities. If we look closely, we can see a sapphire crescent, a moon-shaped weapon in his hand. Of course, this is one of the powerful weapons in Marvel comics.

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Later in the museum scene, we observe Marc staring at his reflection in the glass, as he walks through, yet his reflection remains still. This explains his mental states, and the series is also shown from his point of view, confirming how crazy his mind seems. The trailer makes extensive use of mirror shots, glasses, and everything else that shows reflection. This is a subtle reference to Marc’s numerous personalities, all of which are quite different.

Following that, we observe Marc taking a phone call. In which a lady refers to him as Marc, which perplexes his thinking because he is in the persona of Steven Grant at the time. This explains why when Marc is living the life of one of his personalities, the other is completely unaware of it. And when he switches personalities, he has no recollection of the previous one. And he is baffled as to why others refer to him by different names. This leads to the ultimate scenario, in which he begins to doubt his existence.

Chaos within Marc

The character of Ethane Hawk, also known as Arthur Harrow, appears in the next scene. In the comics, he is a scientist who is afflicted with a rare condition that ruins his face and causes him to be in constant anguish, which is also known as Trigeminal neuralgia. He conducts his experiments on a variety of test subjects, including humans. That links him to Moon Knight as a villain, yet he only appears in comics for a short time. In comparison to other villains, he isn’t the hardest. In the trailer, however, Arthur Harrow is depicted in an entirely different light, with a swarm of followers around him and a few gunmen protecting him. Aside from that, he meets Marc at the museum, who tells him that there is chaos within him. Referring to the internal conflict between the multiple personalities of Marc.

Continuing that, we find Marc driving a bakery truck while clutching a gun in one hand, but he suddenly becomes perplexed as to why he is holding a gun and how he ended up in such a scenario. This verifies that the trailer mainly shows the persona of Steven Grant, who works at a museum, and the other personality, Marc Spectre, who is a mercenary.

Formation of Moon Knight

Later, we see Marc at an Egyptian tomb, which could be his first vision of Khonsu, and then we witness him fully transform into the Moon Knight. Where the white band wraps around his body and seals him into his costume. Whereas in the comics, his suit consisted solely of white clothing with armor plates, the trailer has given him an Egyptian mummy-style costume, which is appropriate to Khonsu’s dress. Then there’s the infamous bathroom scene, in which we see Moon Knight beating up on a scary wolf-like creature, which could be a reference to Anubis, an Egyptian deity of death in Ancient Greece.

Moon Knight leaps from one building to another at the end of the trailer forming the Disney+ logo. The background music in the trailer is a remix version of Kid Cudi’s Day ‘N’ Nite, which nicely fits the show’s premise. The trailer provides plenty of material for debate on Moon Knight until its debut on March 30, 2022.

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