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Ukrainian Entrepreneur Jane Vishnyova Redefines IT Business Agility

Vishnyova leads Dinarys, which develop websites, e-commerce stores, and mobile apps that help business with their online presence

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Ishita Chakraborty
Ishita Chakraborty
Editor-in-Chief at Transcontinental Times, Computer Science Graduate, PG diploma in Journalism and Mass communication. Ishita is a youth activist for PETA India, President of Girlup IWO, and a linguaphile. She covers social issues, politics, UN initiatives, sports, and diversity.

UKRAINE: Jane Vishnyova, is a CEO & Co-founder of Dinarys, which is a fast-growing e-commerce development company. Dinarys is a website development company that revolves around business agility and agile software development.

Vishnyova has been a part of the business world for the past 11 years. Her e-commerce development company, Dinarys was founded in 2014. Vishnyova and her team are dedicated to understand and help their customers; business problems and ideas for a future solution. Along with creating amazing websites, the team provides in-depth business analysis and consultancy. The team carefully analyzes the customer’s business requirements, does thorough market research, and finally evaluates the future concept. 

Dinarys’ presence in the e-commerce industry

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Talking to Transcontinental Times about her work, Vishnyova said, “ I founded Dinarys in 2014 to help our customers build their online e-commerce customer journey to overcome their competitors. At Dinarys, my team and I explore different growth opportunities for different types of business and find the most unexpected ideas. I’m all about the innovation approach, so in my work, I use the design thinking process. We combine technology and benefits in very cool business solutions. I love it.”

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Vishnyova is dedicated to helping people find themselves. Talking about this, she said, “I love people; I love raising people, understanding people, helping people find themselves.” 

Vishnyova’s mind keeps buzzing with new ideas. She also makes sure that her ideas are implemented efficiently. “Grateful clients who subsequently recommend us are indeed a huge inspiration for me, but I get more pleasure when I see my joyful team develop and grow with me, becoming more and more professional. My teammates often come to me with new ideas, and I’m always delighted with such moments because another ally in idea generation appears”, she said

Some of the services which are provided by Dinarys. Photo credit: Dinarys.com
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She further added that her main mission is to see growth, whether it is the growth of her company, projects, or her team all these things hold significant importance in her life.

Active entrepreneurship and COVID-19

Vishnyova believes that through active entrepreneurship various global issues can be easily handled. She added that active entrepreneurship encourages the company to be accountable for the people and processes it interacts with.

This allows the company to take a position of responsibility. Vishnyova said that her first task was to make her clients understand that the working scenario has seen a major change due to COVID-19. 

Vishnyova said, “My first task was to convey to clients and the team that everything has changed and that we need to understand where we are in this new environment. Sometimes we worked 24/7, but overall, it didn’t take much time to work out the necessary frameworks and recommendations on how to rebuild/change workflow, so our clients didn’t lose momentum and, more importantly, jobs.”

Just like everyone else, Vishnyova has also experienced a change due to the pandemic. “We all faced changes in the business ecosystem this year. For some, it was quite easy to adapt; for others, it was not ”, she said.

Vishnyova’s advice for the newcomers 

Vishnyova said that the most vital thing for newcomers in any field is to understand that their main motive is to devote their time to benefit others. Comfortable interaction with employees is equally important to get the results. She believes that while investing their time for others, employees shouldn’t feel like they have been forgotten. Every employee should understand that their contributions are important for the entire team.

Talking about this, Vishnyova said, “I often see statistics of businesses that don’t yield any benefit and face ever-increasing problems with hiring and retaining people. It’s also crucial to assess a particular employee’s potential and provide opportunities to develop their superpowers. Someone is a genius negotiator, someone is a genius organizer—assist them with stepping up their career in your company from the very beginning; help them climb the corporate ladder.”

Vishnyova emphasized the fact that proficiency in foreign languages and the ability to negotiate are huge advantages for any employee. “These are some extremely valuable skills that enable you to explain your side of things to the team and help implement useful innovation.” Curiosity and the desire to learn are the most useful personality traits that she thinks will be helpful to achieve maximum results.

A message that she wants to give to all the young people is, “If I were a student, I wouldn’t waste a second on learning anything new. What matters now is the ability to find a common language and reach compromises that allow the whole team to achieve maximum results. The most important thing is to understand exactly what you want to achieve and to evolve in the direction in which you are most effective and that results in maximum satisfaction. If you don’t yet understand which direction this is, you need to stay curious; try and try again until you find yourself.”


  • Ishita Chakraborty

    Editor-in-Chief at Transcontinental Times, Computer Science Graduate, PG diploma in Journalism and Mass communication. Ishita is a youth activist for PETA India, President of Girlup IWO, and a linguaphile. She covers social issues, politics, UN initiatives, sports, and diversity.

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