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Thursday, September 21, 2023

WWE Wrestler ‘The Great Khali’ Joins BJP Ahead of Punjab Assembly Polls 2022

Khali is expected to campaign for the BJP in Punjab

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Pramod Yadav
Pramod Yadav
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INDIA: Dalip Singh Rana, also known as The Great Khali, a long-time professional wrestler, has joined the BJP in Delhi. 

“I believe PM Modi is the right Prime Minister because of his work for the country. So I figured, why not be a part of his governance for the sake of the nation’s development? I joined the BJP after being influenced by the party’s national policy,” the wrestler said after joining the party.

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“PM Modi’s ideology is the ideology that takes the country forward,” Khali said, emphasizing his devotion to the party and willingness to work in any role for the party. Whatever duty the party assigns me, I will fulfill it.”

“I will go wherever I am asked to go and campaign wherever I am asked to go. The BJP has become my family, and I will continue to support it as much as possible.”

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Khali also stated that joining the BJP made him feel good. 

“I would stay in the United States if I wanted to make money, but I love my country, so I returned to India. Because of Modi, the country now has an appropriate Prime Minister,” he added.

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“I welcome The Great Khali to the party,” said MoS Jitendra Singh. “He became a member of the BJP today. His stature and personality are such that the entire world recognizes him.”

“I am sure that he will also play an important role in making BJP strong. With his joining to the party, he will inspire the youth and other people of the country,” he said.

The Great Khali, who is originally from Himachal Pradesh, now runs a wrestling academy in Punjab. Khali joined the BJP just before the Punjab elections.

Khali arrived at the BJP headquarters in New Delhi, where he formally joined the party at a function. Khali is expected to campaign for the BJP in Punjab. Punjab elections will be held on February 14, with counting to take place on March 10.

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