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Yamaha Brings Back the Iconic RX100 with a Bigger Engine and Modern Features

Yamaha RX100 achieved cult status due to its use in Indian films

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Aditya Saikrishna
Aditya Saikrishna
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INDIA: The RX100 is one of India’s most well-known Yamaha motorcycles. The bike was manufactured from 1985 to 1996 before it was nearly 25 years old. 

However, motorcycle enthusiasts in the nation continue to support it. In the market for second-hand two-wheelers, there is still a lot of demand for it.

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Yamaha set to launch RX100 with advance features

Until this year, Yamaha had not mentioned the RX100 nameplate’s revival in India. On the other hand, the Japanese bike manufacturer is about to release a more up-to-date bike model that keeps the original design. 

In a recent interview with the media, Yamaha India Chairman Eishin Chihana told the media that the company would soon introduce a new motorcycle with the RX100 nameplate.

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The Yamaha RX100 has received high praise for its compact design, exceptional performance, and value. 

It is common knowledge that the owners of the RX100s currently in use or previously in use have made numerous modifications, ranging from engine tuning to faster throttle response.

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According to Chihana, Yamaha is considering several options for a new RX100 motorcycle. Despite this, he did confirm that, given the RX100’s cult status as a fast commuter, the new motorcycle will be a performance-oriented machine. 

Given the stricter BS6 outflow standards, which deny the utilization of a two-stroke cruiser for street transportation, the new bike wouldn’t have a two-cycle motor like that of the first RX100.

The Japanese manufacturer of two-wheelers has confirmed that it will introduce the RX100 to India in July of next year. It will be a modernized version of the original bike with a more modern design and a larger engine.

The new RX100 “should be an impactful package with a powerful engine and design,” Eishin Chihana had previously stated.

The Japanese producer may likewise decide on a contemporary neo-retro plan tasteful for the new Yamaha RX100 to supplement the classic energy of the first styling. 

In addition, Yamaha may launch the new RX100 with a larger four-stroke engine rather than the 100cc one that was one of the iconic bikes to maintain its reputation as a fast motorcycle.

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