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YouTuber Austin McBroom vs Bryce Hall Fight Ends In A Knockout

In the 3rd round, McBroom hit some flurry of punches and won the fight via TKO

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Dhruv Chakraborty
Dhruv Chakraborty
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UNITED STATES: YouTuber Austin Mcbroom defeated Bryce Hall via TKO (Technical Knockout) in a boxing fight of YouTube vs Tiktok in Hard Rock Stadium, Florida today. McBroom and Hall’s fight was the main boxing event. Team YouTube had Austin McBroom, Deji Olatunji, Faze Jarvis, Aneson Gib, Landon McBroom, Ryan Johnston, and DDG in their team whereas Team Tiktok consisted of Bryce Hall, Taylor Holder, Vinnie Hacker, Nate Wyatt, Ben Azelart, Cale Saurage, and Michael Le.

Austin McBroom vs Bryce Hall

There was a lot of bad blood between McBroom and Hall since the beginning. The fighters even had a million-dollar bet on the fight. It was decided that the loser will pay the winner a million dollars if the ends in a knock out.

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McBroom has garnered fame from his YouTube channel ‘Ace Family’. The channel has over 19 million subscribers. On the other hand, Hall is famous on Tiktok and has 20 million followers.

Right from the start of their boxing match, McBroom looked calm and composed whereas Hall was just throwing hands as if the pressure of 20,000 people in attendance was too hard to handle for him.

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McBroom dominated Bryce for the majority of their fight. In the 3rd round, McBroom hit some flurry of punches and won the fight via TKO. The final numbers showed McBroom landing 29 punches compared to Hall’s 10.

Aneson Gib Vs Taylor Holder

Aneson Gib vs Taylor Holder fight was the co-main event. Gib fought in January last year against Jake Paul. Interestingly, he lost that fight in under 3 mins. On the other hand, Taylor was named as the best boxer in this whole lot as he was the most experienced. Right from the beginning , Gib was the aggressor. He put a lot of pressure on Taylor by coming forward and Taylor was at the receiving end all the time.

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The stats showed that Gib landed 38 power punches. A total of 47 punches were landed by him. Taylor landed 16 power punches and a total of 21 punches. Gib won the fight but the fight was declared a draw and many of the fans think that Gib was robbed. It was so controversial that “ROBBED” started trending on Twitter immediately after the fight.

Deji Olatunji vs Vinnie Hacker

This fight was quoted as Deji’s ‘Road To Redemption’ after he lost his last fight against Jake Paul back in August 2018.

Deji was fighting to prove that he can box. Everybody underestimated Hacker as he didn’t have any boxing or athletic background. Hacker is a content creator on Tiktok and has over a 4.1 million followers.

When the fight started, it looked like Deji was going to dominate Hacker but Deji gassed out quickly and with his willpower Hacker beat him. From there, Hacker completely dominated Deji and won via TKO 44 seconds into Round 3.

Faze Jarvis vs Michael Le

This was the only fight in which the fighter won by knocking his opponent out (KO). Faze Jarvis looked like he’s been doing it for quite some time and just destroyed Michael Le. Jarvis won the first round and and brutally knocked Le out in the second round. This was a one-sided fight in which Jarvis landed 24 punches (20 power punches) to Le’s 5 punches. After winning the fight Jarvis said that “I am “100%” going to continue my boxing career”.

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The other fights of this event and full results are listed below:-

Austin McBroom bts Bryce Hall by TKO in R3

AnesonGib and Tayler Holder draw

Vinnie Hacker bts Deji Olatunji by TKO

DDG bts Nate Wyatt by Unanimous Decision

Faze Jarvis bts Michael Le by KO

Landon McBroom bts Ben Azelart by TKO in R2

Ryan Johnston bts Cale Saurage by TKO R5


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