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14-year-old Melani Garcia: ‘Do What You Love And Don’t Give Up’

Spanish singer, artist, winner of 4th season 2018 of La Voz Kids in Spain, Melani Garcia in discussion with Indian-Spanish entrepreneur Roshan Bhondekar

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Transcontinental Times Staff
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SPAIN: In Transcontinental Times’ recent interview on the 360-degree live show platform of 14-year-old Melani Garcia who has achieved a rare feat for her age with her promising talent, the young artist talks it all; from ‘Don’t give up,’ to ‘Do what you love.’

The 360-degree live show hosted by Transcontinental Times invites people to talk about their journeys and remarkable accomplishments from varied industries, it aims to give a global voice to the lesser-known.

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Garcia’s immense talents include — singing opera, playing the piano and the violin at a professional level, and dancing as well.

Garcia represented Spain in Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Poland and is the winner of Spain’s popular show – La Voz Kids (Season 4, 2018).

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What drops jaws is the fact that she has achieved all this at the tender age of 14. Garcia started her venture in singing at the age of 8.

Talking to Roshan Bhondekar, CEO of Transcontinental Times, on the live show, Garcia said: “Ever since I was little I have dreamt of going to platforms like Eurovision or La Voz Kids. I was so proud and honoured to be there. Not only that, with the help of vocal coaches at La Voz I learned to do my voice better. These platforms taught me to sing on stage.”

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“My inspiration was my parents, they have supported my talent right from the time they recognised it when I was 8.” Whilst, she also highlighted the importance of family support in the process of nurturing talents and during the ups and downs that come along.

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When asked about the breakthrough in her journey, Garcia said, “After I won La Voz, I started making singles, but representing my country in Junior Eurovision was an honour and it came as a surprise. I remember being called on for an interview on a program before Eurovision happened, and they said they have someone on the set who is going to Eurovision, is a girl, and from Valencia and loves the opera, and I thought, wait that’s me. I got to know in that interview that I was going to Eurovision, that was totally a surprise. Eurovision was a breakthrough for me, but all these experiences have shaped me.”

A little, yet matured artist

The young singer underscores time management and handling multiple skills together: “I sing, dance, play the violin and piano because I am very passionate about music, it comes naturally to me. It can get difficult sometimes, but if you can organize your day well, then you can achieve it all.”

While leaving a message to young budding artists like her, Garcia says, “Do something that makes you happy, that you absolutely love doing. But to achieve big things, you also have to work hard towards it. So the focus is very important. Besides that, no matter what, don’t give up. Life is not easy, but despite all obstacles, don’t give up. Follow your dreams. Say it to yourself that this is what I like doing and don’t let others opinions matter.”

Garcia ended the interview with a song written by her in Spanish that translates to – saving the ocean. “The song talks about how pollution is consuming the ocean. If each of us does our small part in reducing ocean pollution then it can make a great difference. Save the planet – that’s what the song is about.”

Talking about future projects, Garcia said: “I cannot talk much about them, but I am working for the TV and there are some upcoming concerts for the year. I just released a single, which is my last single. It is on all platforms and called ‘Star Dance.’


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