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1899: Makers of Dark Are Back with Another Mind-bending Series 

1899 consists of a total of 8 episodes with an approximate 1 hour of runtime for each

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Khushant Runghe
Khushant Runghe
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GERMANY: Finally, the wait is over! The much-awaited series 1899 has arrived on Netflix. The makers of Dark are back with another mind-twisting series that enchanted the viewer with its mystery elements depicted in trailers and promotional clips. 

Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, the creators of Dark, once again penned a mystery series for the streaming hit house Netflix. Since the announcement of the show, it bagged massive hype on social media just from Jantje and Baran’s involvement in the Netflix project. 

1899 intrigues fans with thrilling posters and promo clips 

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Netflix announced the arrival of the supernatural horror show. The streaming giant tweeted, “A new series from the creators of Dark. 1899 is now streaming on Netflix.”

The key visual shared by the streaming giant provides a lot of details about 1899. The gray and cold cinematography feels reminiscent of Dark. The entire poster is filled with intriguing details that evoke our excitement to watch the series.

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1899 made an entry with a bang globally. The Netflix series consists of a total of 8 episodes with an approximate 1 hour of runtime for each. Most of the episodes are directed by Baraban bo Odar. 

Netflix also shared the trailer in October 2022. The tweet read, “On their journey across the vast and treacherous Atlantic Ocean, the passengers of the Kerberos encounter the biggest mystery of their lives. Welcome to 1899, a deeply immersive new series from the creators of Dark.”

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The trailer also provided a quick glimpse of 1899. The short clip acted as a window that helped us to experience the brilliantly penned universe brimming with mystery, supernatural horror, and the tinge of thrill that assures to grip us in the climactic end. 

In addition to the intriguing drama, the remarkable powerhouses in the star cast serve as a draw for viewers. Emily Beechman, Aneurin Barnard, Andreas Pietschmann, Miguel Bernardeau, Gabby Wong, and numerous talented actors round up the forefront team. 

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