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Sherplay Has Developed A Clinical Notes Manager To Reconnect Doctors With Patients

Beeseet the Clinical Notes Manager Launches on July 15th, 2020

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SPAIN. Barcelona. During the COVID-19 crisis, when doctors all over the world are experiencing burnout, lack of communication and dangerously limited resources, the company Sherplay has developed a clinical notes manager to reconnect doctors with both patients and the complexities of their own work on many levels. On July 15th, 2020, Sherplay launching Beeseet. A new secure, intuitive, and cloud-based clinical notes assistant.

The team is made up of clinicians, designers, developers and seasoned professionals with years of experience in the medical field. This has proven to be very attractive to early investors who are devoted to providing clinicians and patients with tools to improve healthcare soon. As a result, they have managed to increase the company’s capital by almost €100,000 with an early closing of their first pre-seed round.

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Key points about the App ‘Beeseet’. Solves a significant pain for both clinician and patient. No middle men: the App is downloaded right to the smartphone FOR FREE. Easy to share and collaborate with colleagues and patients around the world. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are a key part of the clinical notes recording and organizing process. The voice recognition system and easy use of Beeseet on smartphones helps to decrease the percentage of cross-contamination among healthcare workers, especially in the time of a pandemic. All data is stored securely in a GDPR compliant cloud.

For the team, the first part of 2020 was dedicated to developing an Alpha version of Beeseet, which will begin testing itself in clinical conditions on July 15th, with a few lucky pioneers.

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The next round of financing is expected in January 2021 and Sherplay is determined to become the leading company for strategic investments in the mHealth market.

Sherplay founded in March 2019 and based in Barcelona, Spain. It creates digital solutions to help healthcare professionals and patients reconnect in a more intuitive way. With its professional team of doctors, healthcare workers, researchers, and developers experienced in the medical field, Sherplay has quickly risen to become a promising company that is trusted by its investors. Its goal is to bring healthcare closer to people all over the world, especially to those who lack access to healthcare and those who are most vulnerable.


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