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Friday, February 3, 2023

7 People Connected to Britain Detained in Iran for Protesting

According to reports, dual citizens of the United Kingdom and Iran have reportedly been detained

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IRAN: According to reports, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards have detained seven individuals with ties to the United Kingdom due to recent anti-government demonstrations that have spread over the entire nation.

A statement released by state media claims that the imprisoned individuals, some of whom have dual nationalities, were apprehended as they attempted to flee Iran.

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According to reports, dual citizens of the United Kingdom and Iran have reportedly been detained. The UK Foreign Office is reportedly requesting more information from the Iranian authorities. “Seven main leaders of the recent protests related to the UK were detained by intelligence services of the IRGC [Revolutionary Guards], including dual nationals, who were trying to flee the country,” stated the statement released through official media.

Following unrest caused by Mahsa Amini’s death while being held in custody on September 16, arrests have been reported. According to Iran’s Islamic dress code for women, the Kurdish Iranian woman, 22, had been detained for wearing “inappropriate clothes.”

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Witnesses claimed that when Amini was apprehended in Tehran, she was beaten inside a police van. According to the police, she “suddenly suffered a heart problem,” which refutes the charges.

The protests, in which protesters demanded the overthrow of Iran’s theocracy, have presented the Shia Muslim-run Islamic Republic with one of its most significant challenges since the 1979 revolution.

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The protesters, according to the government, were taught and armed by the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia and were out to destroy public property. The protesters were also allegedly armed and trained by Saudi Arabia.

One of Iran’s most well-known actors, Taraneh Alidoosti, was held by security personnel last week in Tehran. She was arrested after she expressed her disapproval of the government’s use of the death penalty against demonstrators.

According to a local news agency, which is affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, she was detained as a result of her decision to post erroneous and misrepresented information that sparked riots and promoted anti-Iranian groups.

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