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Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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Major Breakthrough in the Northern Ireland Dispute as Negotiations Intensify

UNITED KINGDOM: A major breakthrough was initiated as EU and UK negotiators delved into plans to reduce checks on goods moving between Great Britain and...

Britain Witness Largest Ever Healthcare Strike in the History of Health Service

UNITED KINGDOM: Britain’s largest ever health strikes were started by health workers on Monday as some 100,000 nurses, 10,000 ambulances, and some 4,200 physiotherapists...

7 People Connected to Britain Detained in Iran for Protesting

IRAN: According to reports, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards have detained seven individuals with ties to the United Kingdom due to recent anti-government demonstrations that...

Food or Fuel? Europeans Struggle to Survive as Energy Crisis Hits Hard

EUROPE: In the midst of soaring temperatures in record-breaking numbers across Western nations, especially throughout the EU and parts of Britain, distraught households have...

Britain Declares National Emergency as Record-Breaking Heat Wave Sweeps over Europe

UNITED KINGDOM: A record-breaking heat wave could cause “danger to life” in the U.K., forecasters warned as scorching temperatures fueled wildfires and prompted weather warnings...

UN Calls For Investigations On Cameroon Soldiers

CAMEROON. Yaounde: In an open statement, Francois Launcey Fall, Central Africa and Head of the United Nations said that the Cameroon soldiers should be...

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