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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Britain Declares National Emergency as Record-Breaking Heat Wave Sweeps over Europe

The climate crisis is to blame for the extreme temperatures, according to UK meteorologists

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UNITED KINGDOM: A record-breaking heat wave could cause “danger to life” in the U.K., forecasters warned as scorching temperatures fueled wildfires and prompted weather warnings in several European countries.

The UK Health Secretary Steve Barclay has announced that more ambulance services and emergency helplines would be put in place due to the heatwave approaching the UK. Along with this, he pleaded with the workers to keep tabs on compromised family members and neighbours.

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With temperatures reaching 41 °C, the highest temperature ever recorded in the UK, the Met Office issued an excessive heat warning from Sunday to Tuesday. A national emergency was also declared.

Andy Lord, the chief officer, advised tourists to always have water with them. He also assured that measures are being made to maintain services because there is a risk of electricity lines being damaged as a result of the rising temperatures.

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Due to the intense heat, flames ravaged portions of Spain, France, and Portugal; according to reports on Friday, over 400 people had to be evacuated and woodlands were burning.

The climate crisis is to blame for the extreme temperatures, according to UK meteorologists. Prolonged exposure to these temperatures can be fatal. Meanwhile, the Met Office predicts a spike in the death rate as a result of the early days’ heat wave.

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