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A Former French Parachutist Succumbs to His Injuries after an Assault

A single aggressor from a group of a few kicked Emmanuel Cueff and his head hit the sidewalk violently, killing him one day later.

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FRANCE. Montauban: Emmanuel Cueff, a former master corporal of the 17th Parachute Engineer Regiment died after a violent brawl on Friday, October 29, reported La Depeche. The fifty-year-old husband, father, and exemplary citizen and his wife were attacked at Le Nautic restaurant. The man died of his injuries at Purpan Hospital in Toulouse on Sunday.

The 17th Parachute Engineer Regiment announced on its Twitter account on Monday the death of the former soldier, who died at the Toulouse University Hospital, following a violent attack with the following words: “It is with great sadness that we learn of the assault on Friday evening in Montauban then the death this evening of CCH Emmanuel CUEFF, former CA of the 17th RGP at the age of 50 years. May Saint Michael welcome him and protect his family. Friendly 17 RGP”

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The events occurred in the parking lot of the restaurant Le Nautic in Montauban on Friday evening shortly before midnight. By the testimony of the wife, Emmanuel Cueff “was not beaten up” as widely echoed by media. As specified by the office of the public prosecutor of Montauban, “According to his partner who was present at the time of the assault, he received a punch and a kick by a single individual.”

His head hit the ground violently. The helpless companion, who was also reportedly beaten, sounded the alarm. Evacuated to the Purpan hospital in Toulouse, Emmanuel was brain dead and was declared dead a few hours later on Sunday.

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The police are still looking for the attackers. According to the Montauban prosecutor’s office, the victim was not known to the police.


The Territorial Directorate of the Judicial Police (DCPJ) in Toulouse as well as the Montauban prosecutor’s office are still trying to understand what exactly happened as the car parking, unfortunately, does not have video surveillance. The motivations of the aggressors are still to be determined. The aggressors are still wanted.

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According to the first testimonies and a CCTV record inside Le Nautic, an argument broke out inside the bar between the victim and several individuals and the couple remained no more than 15 minutes before exiting. The man would then have been followed, just before being severely beaten up in front of his wife.


A close friend of Emmanuel says, “I served years with him, in Africa and the Balkans. He spent 17 years at the RGP. And it had been 9 years since he left the regiment. He arrived in the region 30 years ago, before becoming a true Montalbanais. He was a nice guy, very hard working and who knew how to show off people. A great friend.

Emmanuel Cueff had a career in the Army. Returning to civilian life, he worked as an employee in the construction industry.

Que Saint Michel l’accueille et protège sa famille !


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