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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Aaron Carter: The Popular Singer and Rapper Passes away at 34 

Throughout his life, Aaron Carter had reportedly struggled to cope with addiction issues

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UNITED STATES: Aaron Carter, who rose to prominence as a child music star was found dead in his home in Los Angeles on Saturday. He toured with his brother’s popular band, Backstreet Boys, before pursuing a career in rap and acting.

Aaron Carter found dead in his LA home

On Saturday afternoon, a representative for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department confirmed to the media agency that deputies had located the body of Aaron Carter at his apartment. The reports also added that homicide investigator were on their way to the location, but no additional details could be provided.

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The police and other security authorities have not yet discovered any potential signs of suspected foul play in Aaron Carter’s death.

Following a debut album release in 1997, Aaron Carter gained the spotlight when he was merely nine years of age. Carter achieved grand fame as a rising child pop star in the entertainment industry. According to multiple media reports, he frequently appeared on Nickelodeon.

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Later in his career, Carter decided to take a shot at rapping and also appear in acting gigs, one of which was a Broadway Show production called “Seussical”. Throughout his life, he had reportedly struggled to cope with addiction issues, even sharing them publicly sometimes.

Carter’s struggles with addiction became even more serious and concerning when he appeared in an episode on the celebrity wellness TV show called “The Doctors” in 2019 and held up a big bag filled with prescription drugs.

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He said that he took those drugs after being diagnosed with issues related to his mental and psychological health, including multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, manic depression and anxiety.

According to media reports, he sought assistance from drug treatment facilities on multiple occasions, most recently this year, in order to be authorised by the law to regain custody of his son, Prince.

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