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Abduction to Reunion: Story of Pune’s Four Year Old Duggu That Shook the State

The news spread like wildfire in Maharashtra and many people, celebrities and politicians shared the news on social media

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Pramod Yadav
Pramod Yadav
Covering local stories around Maharashtra, India

INDIA. Maharashtra: Four-year-old Swarnav Chavan (Duggu) was abducted from Balewadi High Streets, Pune. The incident took place around 9.40 am on January 11. The boy’s parents who are doctors shared emotional posts through social media to find their son. Although a complaint was lodged with the police, the investigation was being kept confidential considering the safety of the child.

The media was asked not to cover the abduction. A massive search operation was carried out through social media as a team of police officers were already searching the boy. Many people on their WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram appealed to contact the given number if they get any information about the child.

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Many political leaders, celebrities, and social activists also joined the campaign. Finally, after eight days, On 19 January Duggu returned home safely. Someone left him in the Punawale area.

Duggu’s abduction

Balewadi High Street is an important part of Pune, home to large IT companies, hotels, and elite people. It is always crowded here. Duggu was abducted on January 11 at around 9.40 am. The boy was accompanied by a 12- to 13-year-old boy when he was abducted. He went home and reported the incident and then the boy’s family lodged a complaint with the police.

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CCTV cameras showed a man carrying the boy on a motorcycle. But where did that person go next? Information about this could not be obtained. The mystery of the incident was further aggravated when the kidnapper did not call for ransom or any other demands after eight days.

The CCTV footage of the kidnapper with Duggu. Photo Credit: Multiple sources

More than 300 police personnel and officers on a search mission

Considering the seriousness of the incident, the police were keeping a high level of secrecy in the investigation. The investigation was hampered by a lack of concrete evidence and supplementary information. More than 300 police personnel and officers were involved in the investigation. There was an atmosphere of anxiety as the search for the child could not be carried out even after eight days.

Social media played a crucial part

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Several posts about the boy went viral on social media after the incident. Many had requested to contact Duggu’s father if he had any information. The boy’s father had also written several posts requesting to find the boy. His father had said in a Facebook post on Tuesday (January 18) morning that he had not yet received information about the boy.

The news spread like wildfire in Maharashtra and many people shared this post. Several politicians had also shared the information on their social media, the information also being sent to several WhatsApp groups. Duggu’s search campaign gained momentum on social media, And the necessary confidentiality was maintained.

The Reunion Day

On January 19, a man on a two-wheeler approached a society’s Watchman in Punawale and released the child. The man fled. After a long time, Watchman Dadarao Jadhav inspected the bag belonging to Duggu. In it, they received a letter. It contained the mobile number of Duggu’s parents. Watchman Jadhav made a video call on it.

The Chavan family saw and recognized Duggu. The family rushed to the society after informing the police and Duggu, who had been abducted for eight days, rested in the arms of his parents.

Reason and accused both are still unknown

After eight days of dramatic events, Duggu was finally found, but it is not yet clear who abducted the four-year-old boy and for what reason. Citizens are also questioning the efficiency of the police. Although Duggu has returned home safely, police are calling for his captors to be arrested. In the meantime, it will be important to know who carried out the abduction and for what reason.

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