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Achal Mishra’s ‘Gamak Gharis’ Out On Cinemapreneur

Gamak Gharis is a Maithili-language feature film which premiered at the 21st MAMI Mumbai Film Festival in 2019. It is currently streaming globally on Cinemapreneur on a pay-per-view basis

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Murtaza Ali Khan
Murtaza Ali Khan
An award-winning Film & TV critic and journalist.

INDIA: Gamak Gharis a Maithili-language feature film which premiered at the 21st MAMI Mumbai Film Festival in 2019. Through Gamak Ghar, Mishra tells the story of a family and their griefs and festivities across two decades and three generations, wrapped in the idea of a home. The foundation of the film is quite personal to Mishra. The space is his and the family is a fictionalized version of his family. Gamak Gharis steeped in nostalgia but also love and a yearning for a time that will not return, as well as a desire for simpler times.

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The idea of Gamak  Ghar came from Achal Mishra’s ancestral home in Madhopur, Bihar. He used to visit that house only during the festivals like Chhath Puja, where the family used to gather for once or twice a year. The joyous and carefree occasions, feasts and light-hearted conversations that used to happen during their visits had become rare, and the house had started to look like a ruin. Mishra said that the older structures were about to be brought down and two-storey buildings were going to take up the spaces. That is when he decided to make a film there, before the transition.

Achal Mishra, who had worked as an intern assistant director on Meghna Gulzar’s Talvar, makes his debut with Gamak Gharas a filmmaker. He has written, edited and produced the film himself. The film comprises of various indigenous actors, some of whom had to be trained to speak Maithili. Gamak Gharis a part-autobiographical drama that captures the changing dynamic within a family in a place where we seek comfort everyday – home.

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Achal Mishra, the director of the film says that he is very excited for the film on getting a global release through the new age OTT platforms and reach out to the diaspora outside India, as well as to the Maithili-speaking audience.

Rupinder Kaur, Co-Founder, Cinemapreneur says, “We are very excited to bring Achal Mishra’s film Gamak Ghar on our platform. It is one of the most beautiful films that has been directed by an independent creator and deserves to reach out to people globally. We want to bridge the gap that currently exists in the ecosystem where independent films get their due credit.”

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The film is currently available on a pay-per-view basis on Cinemapreneur.


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