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Actress Daniela Sava Talks about Significance of Self-love and Self-discovery

Daniela Sava narrates her life journey and talks about positive manifestations

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Hrishita Chatterjee
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SPAIN: Life is beset with tribulations, even for important TV personalities and actresses, a segment of life that deems fit to gain a spotlight. The personal struggles combated come with determination and strength, which in turn lead to a path of fulfilment.

In a conversation with TCT, the actress and TV host Daniela Sava talked about positive manifestations and reinforcements through her own life story and the relentless strength that paved the way for her success.

Actress Daniela talks about ups and downs of her life

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From a very young age, Daniela found it imperative to cling on to the important moments in life that provide boundless scope for personal fulfilment, be it “watching a beautiful sunset or trying something for the first time.”

There were tense moments in the actress’ life where she felt extremely depressed and unmotivated, which comes with doubting oneself and experiencing constant bouts of criticism and rejection. However, one thing that can make a positive impact on this aspiring actress is perseverance and determination.

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The actress says, “I understood that mistakes and failures are a natural part of the learning process, so I don’t let them discourage me. Instead, I use them as a source of motivation to keep pushing forward towards my goals.”

Sava’s performative creativity helped her get a different kind of vision that inspired her to choose another career prospect, with her realising that she could indeed inspire people’s lives.

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“From my previous experiences, I learned that resilience, dedication, and an optimistic outlook are critical to overcoming obstacles and achieving success,” the actress says.

Sava believes in the power of carpe diem, or seizing the moment that comes with the wish to fulfil her own dreams and the anticipation of how something amazing just waits to happen at the right time. As per Sava, challenges are inevitable but she has understood with time that it is important to brace for them and to have total faith in oneself.

She states, “I hope my story serves as a reminder that it’s never too late to take a chance, to believe in yourself, and to forge your own path.”

The young actress iterates that life is indeed a learning curve, especially when it comes to taking care of both a personal and professional life. Sava believes that no one is perfect in that, as she also struggles often. She lists some strategies that have aided her in handling her professional and personal lives in a meticulous manner.

For the actress, prioritising self-care is imperative. She highlights how managing time for oneself in her schedules and activities gives her ecstasy and peace, be it taking a brisk walk in nature or indulging in a quiet night stand with a friend.

She also adds that imperfections are normal in any human being and that she is invariably open to the idea of taking lessons from her experiences that would make her mature both personally and professionally.

Sava advocates that the best way to deal with challenges is through “resilience, perseverance, and a positive attitude.” She plans to look at the “bigger picture” and count on the “lessons” that she gets from each experience. Her family has been a big support in her life and has assisted her in staying more focused and motivated in life.

Sava says, “When I deal with difficult situations, I seek out support from my family or friends, but I also had some hard times when I lost my father, when I felt the need to see a specialist. I strongly recommend that you open up and speak to someone if you’re struggling.”

When asked about what message she would want to give to the readers, she mentions that her journey has taught her to have faith in the power of dreams and to celebrate the unique world around the readers, to have faith in herself and her “unique talents,” and “to take the road less travelled” that gives everyone the most amazing experiences.

She says, “Remember that it’s never too late to forge your own path, and setbacks are merely opportunities for growth and self-discovery.”

She iterates that we all should be true to ourselves and have a supportive group of friends, family, and mentors who provide a lot of perspective and motivation in life.

She addresses readers by saying, “So be bold, take risks, and never give up on your dreams. Success is within your reach, and you can achieve it if you have the courage to try something different.”

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