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Adults in US Suffer Depression, Augmenting Numbers as Per Survey 

Between February 21 and February 28, Gallup conducted a survey of 5,167 American adults

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Hrishita Chatterjee
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UNITED STATES: Alarming rate of depression in US adults! A distressing nationwide state of mental health is demonstrated by alarming new data, which also shows a significant and disconcerting rise in depression rates among adults in the United States.

Recent research has revealed that a surprising 29% of US adults admit to having received a depression diagnosis at some point in their lives, which claims to represent an increase of almost 10% since 2015. Notably, the proportion of Americans who are currently receiving treatment for depression has increased to 17.8%. 

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Between February 21 and February 28, Gallup conducted a survey of 5,167 American adults. A sum of 100,000 adults from all 50 states and Washington, DC, made up included Gallup Panel respondents. 

A Gallup survey that was conducted recently highlighted “rates are the highest recorded by Gallup since it began measuring depression using the current form of data collection in 2015.”

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The survey also revealed a rising trend in depression rates among Black and Hispanic Americans, which have now overtaken those of white Americans, a group that has historically reported higher rates of depression. The report also states that historically, women have reported significantly higher rates of depression than men.

The rate of mental health diagnosis for women reporting has nearly doubled. Compared to 20.4% of men, over one-third of women in 2023 reported having received a treatment plan for depression at some point. 

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Women, many of whom lost their jobs or worked in front-line healthcare roles, suffered the consequences of the pandemic. The increased solitude that young adults felt, particularly those who were single and had few interpersonal relationships, may have made a significant contribution to their higher rates of depression.

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