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Fernando Alonso’s Overtaking Skills Questioned: F1 Pundit Favours Max Verstappen in Potential Showdown

Alonso claimed his sixth podium finish in the eighth race of the season

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Aditya Saikrishna
Aditya Saikrishna
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CANADA: Renowned motorsport expert, and F1 pundit, Peter Windsor has cast doubt on Fernando Alonso’s overtaking prowess, suggesting that if a wheel-to-wheel battle were to ensue between Alonso and Max Verstappen, it would be Verstappen who would come out on top.

Windsor’s comments came after Alonso’s impressive performance at the Canadian Grand Prix, where he secured his sixth podium finish of the season by overtaking Lewis Hamilton on the track to claim second place.

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Alonso’s skilful manoeuvre on Hamilton caught the attention of F1 fans, who began to wonder how the Spanish driver would fare against the reigning World Champion Verstappen in a similar high-stakes battle. 

Drawing upon past experiences, Windsor recalled an incident from the 2012 F1 Spanish Grand Prix when Alonso, racing for Ferrari, struggled to pass Pastor Maldonado in a Williams, ultimately losing the race by a three-second margin.

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Windsor compared Alonso and former F1 driver Nigel Mansell, highlighting the contrast between their perceived driving styles and fundamental approaches. 

He emphasized Alonso’s finesse and sensitivity, describing him as a driver capable of raising his game on race day and delivering consistent results while strategically managing the condition of his car. However, Windsor expressed reservations about Alonso’s ability to excel in close-quarter racing situations. 

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Referring to the Maldonado-Alonso duel in Barcelona, he questioned whether Alonso could match Verstappen in an equal car. He highlighted Verstappen’s status as an exceptional overall racing driver and a master of quick cornering.

While acknowledging that a fair test scenario is unlikely due to the transient nature of racing circumstances, Windsor ultimately leaned towards Verstappen. He says Max is the ultimate racing driver and will easily defeat Fernando.

As the speculation regarding a potential Alonso-Verstappen showdown continues, fans eagerly await the opportunity to witness these two formidable talents battle it out on the track. Whether Alonso can dispel doubts about his overtaking abilities and prove Windsor wrong remains to be seen.

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