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Alphabet Shares Plummet after Google’s ‘Bard’ Provides Incorrect Answers

Alphabet's shares dipped to nearly 9%

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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UNITED STATES: Yesterday, Alphabet lost $100 billion in market value after false information in a promotional video was shared by the new chatbot Bard. Anxieties and dilemmas have spread as Google might potentially lose to Microsoft, which has been a long-term rival.

Google’s Bard gives inaccurate answeres

During regular trading, with volumes approximately three times the 50-day moving average, Alphabet’s shares dipped to nearly 9%. Last year, the stock had lost 40% of its value but caught up 15% in the beginning of the year, without taking into consideration yesterday’s losses.

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An error in the chatbot Bard was detected on Monday about the possible satellite that took pictures outside the Earth’s solar system first. Microsoft is investing around $10 billion in OpenAI.

The software of OpenAI was introduced in November and has pleased the customers and gained new ground in Silicon Valley circles for the simple reason that it is capable of giving prompt and well-written answers.

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A live-streamed presentation by Google yesterday did not unfurl any details on how and when it would implement Bard into its core search functions. Alphabet posted a short GIF video of Bard in action via Twitter, stating that it would simplify complex topics, but has sadly given the wrong answer.

Bard responds to a lot of answers, including one that recommended the JWST be required to take the first pictures of the planet outside the Earth’s solar system. The Google spokesperson said, “This emphasises the value of a thorough testing procedure, which we’re launching this week with our Trusted Tester program.”

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“We’ll combine external feedback with our own internal testing to ensure Bard’s responses meet a high bar for quality, safety, and groundedness in real-world information,” spokesperson continued.

The new ChatGPT software has left a lot of people filled with anticipation and excitement. Artificial intelligence has become a new tool in the toolbox of tech executives who have discovered AI-driven search that could reveal results in plain language so they could browse more efficiently.

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