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Americans Disapprove of ASU Students Being Harassed at the Multicultural Center

Young women intimidate other students at the Arizona State University Multicultural Center on the pretext of the BLM movement

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Guest Contributor
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UNITED STATES: A disturbing video from September 24 showing Arizona State University students harassing other students in the multicultural center went viral. The video was filmed and made available to the public by two women of color, who openly state on social media that they are “BLM activists.” The two young white men who were bullied left the space, but the problem did not end there, since “multicultural” includes all students, without exception.

The Background

The United States is not the only place on Earth where social movements that otherwise begin as a “call for change” achieve radicalization. Radicalism is something segregation culture and woke leftism is believed to nurture, without saying that all elements are bad since woke education has its points as well. Without difference of color or precedence, ignorance and personal tendency to aggression or confrontation can reach such an extreme that young and inexperienced people can become weapons against communities and society, minorities who think or are told that represent.

What Happened

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On the pretext of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, two young women attacked a white male student for his “Police Lives Matter” sticker despite wearing similar stickers on their laptops too, most probably saying “Defund the Police.” To set the facts straight, they both violently shouted out that it was the two “to help build this space for the past five years,” and that “white culture does not exist.” While both young men tried to reason with them and to calm them down, seemingly very shocked by the absurdity of them being denied both security and comfort on the campus as “they study for their homework,” the situation escalated and they chose to leave.

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The Public Response

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While ASU gave too few details on the measures to be taken, many people were outraged by the situation and spoke on social media. Most YouTube commenters such as Gee DizzleWill & AmalaOfficer ParkerVegan BrosPatriot Outpost, and Mojisola Adams also agreed on the fact that “general ignorance is being exploited through fabricated confrontations” and that what happened “does not represent the true spirit of the United States,” nor the BLM movement.

The Observable

“Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance.” (Source: stopbullying.gov)

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Watching the video in its entirety, you get to hear all the phrases that are practiced in “reverse racial discrimination.” Additionally, one of the students was wearing a “did not vote for Biden” T-shirt while remaining open at all times to discussion and compromise in the name of peace. Now, this very student was ignored as both girls didn’t have arguments to fight him, so they went pouring all their aggression over the other one. Despite the intention to justify their action, it is not clear what the real problem with that boy was: it was because of the sticker, because he is white, because he is a man, because he reminded the girls that this is a place to study not for social gatherings, because he looked too pacific, perhaps even something else.


The disturbing rise in interracial conflicts in public spaces and the demonization of law enforcement are working towards disintegration which is not what the United States or the rest of the world needs in the times we live in. Also, gender bias, racial bias, and misinformation are not what the Founding Fathers and all those people like King fought for — they all stood for unity and diversity since only inclusion guarantees perspectives, capacities, and innovation. History has proven that conflict will not put food on the table nor will work for prosperity. If you don’t believe it, ask NASA, Apple, Google, Cisco, Microsoft, Facebook, or Tesla.

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How about you? How this video affects you and what is the response you think ASU should take on the subject? Should universities all craft regulations regarding similar situations before it’s too late? Share your opinion in the comments.


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