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Amit Sarawagi: ‘If You Are Passionate About It Then You Will Work With Excitement’

With his start-up Trueledger, Amit Sarawagi entered some of the greatest partnerships at multiple chambers of commerce and was appointed to represent the organisations in India, other Asian countries and as global ambassador too

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Divya Dhadd
Divya Dhadd

INDIA. Delhi: Entrepreneur Amit Sarawagi runs a business advisory consulting company named ‘Trueledger Tech Pvt Ltd.’ But with a strong calling to give back to society, he recently incorporated a not-for-profit initiative under the umbrella of Amoolya Transformation Foundation, for entrepreneurship education at various levels.

Sarawagi lives in Gurgoan, close to the capital city of India, Delhi. 

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“I co-founded a start-up company in Gurgaon, India in the business consulting domain in 2017 and within three years of operations, the company crossed a turnover of a million-dollar mark,” Sarawagi told Transcontinental Times.

“The consulting company primarily work in business advisory for start-ups, ESG. It provides sustainability consulting to large companies and research in this area with think tanks and entrepreneurial and growth mindset development for students and founders of startups.” 

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The company has served the largest clients in the Indian start-up ecosystem and has been recognized with the Business Excellence Award from the World Confederation of Business, Houston (Texas), USA.

Working for positive entrepreneurship

“As part of my not-for-profit initiative under Amoolya Transformation Foundation, the sharing of knowledge on a pro bono basis is our commitment to giving back to society especially in the time of the Covid pandemic,” said Sarawagi.

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“The foundation is working to achieve four Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). So we have motivation from inside to spread positive entrepreneurship and the need felt due to tough economic time as told above.”

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Resolving global issues with entrepreneurship

Sarawagi believes there are many global issues that can be handled through entrepreneurship. 

“To describe this in detail I would like to put the global issues here which United Nations (UN) has identified and almost all countries are signatory to that. Now, these global goals or SDGs are not only the responsibilities of states or governments rather every business has to achieve and align these in their business goals.”

The entrepreneur added that poverty, hunger, education, gender inequality, and economic inequality can be addressed through entrepreneurship.

The future of entrepreneurship

The Trueledger co-founder thinks entrepreneurship is not a static subject, rather is completely dynamic which has been rapidly changing in the last few decades.

“From e-commerce to m-commerce, now is the age of artificial intelligence and machine learning and big data and robotics. Most of the entrepreneurs are coming up with ideas in these new domains.”

“Social media has sped the spread of knowledge and communication and due to the existence of similar types of ideas and companies in the market, competition has become fierce. Founders have to come up with very innovative products or services to thrive,” Sarawagi shared with Transcontinental Times.

Lastly, Sarawagi drops some wise words for rising entrepreneurs: “Identify your passion area, check how you can commercialise the idea and then start something you are passionate about because then you will be working with excitement and knowledge.”

“Do your research well before starting any venture. And most importantly, never let lack of money interfere with your entrepreneurial dreams. If you have a strong and unique idea, a proper team then funding won’t be a challenge.”


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