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Apple’s Bold Move: Patents Reveal Plans for Foldable iMac with Innovative Glass Panel

Apple is exploring the possibility of a foldable iMac with folding glass panels

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Aditya Saikrishna
Aditya Saikrishna
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UNITED STATES: Apple has updated a patent that hints at the possibility of an iMac like no other—one with a foldable glass panel. Originally filed in 2020, this patent has now been refined, with the European Patent Office unveiling the latest iteration on August 30.

First uncovered by PatentlyApple, this visionary patent suggests that Apple is exploring the concept of a foldable iMac featuring a unique folding glass panel designed to accommodate a built-in keyboard and trackpad. 

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In a departure from the conventional hinge-based mechanisms seen on foldable phones and laptops, Apple seems to be leaning towards bending the glass panel itself, while the lower part of the iMac would house a sliding keyboard and trackpad.

What’s more, the back of this innovative machine would incorporate a rear stand, serving as both a support structure and an input hub, allowing users to easily connect peripherals such as Bluetooth mice or external displays.

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One of the standout features of this foldable iMac is its adjustable angle, catering to users’ ergonomic preferences. This design feature, coupled with the foldable lower part, makes it a highly portable and space-saving option for users. 

However, it appears that there may be limitations when it comes to changing the display’s height, and VESA compatibility is not mentioned in the patent. Additionally, the patent does not make any reference to a built-in battery.

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While Apple is known for filing numerous patents each year, many of which remain concepts, this latest revelation provides a tantalizing glimpse into the tech giant’s innovative thinking. 

Recent patent filings have also hinted at a VR headset that connects to iPhones, motion-based voice detection for Siri, and the possibility of MacBooks and desktops sporting a FaceID-compatible notch. 

Although these patents may not immediately translate into consumer products, they underscore Apple’s relentless pursuit of groundbreaking technology and design. 

The potential for a foldable iMac with a bending glass panel is generating excitement among Apple enthusiasts, who eagerly await further developments from the company known for pushing the boundaries of innovation.`

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