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Arvind Kejriwal Plans to Launch Door-to door-campaign after Sisodia’s Arrest

The decision, taken at a meeting between Kejriwal and AAP MLAs, came a day after Sisodia and Jain resigned from the Delhi Cabinet

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INDIA. Delhi: The ruling party of Delhi faced a major setback after the party’s former ministers, Manish Sisodia, and Satyendar Jain landed in jail for their active involvement in corruption. Meanwhile, AAP national convener Arvind Kejriwal initiated a door-to-door campaign, under which all MLAs will reach out to the public in person and brief them about all the “false accusations” planted against party stalwarts Manish Sisodia and Satyendar Jain. The campaign will commence on March 5, 2023.

The decision was made right away because Sisodia and Jain had just quit their jobs in the Delhi Cabinet. In a current update, veteran AAP leader Atishi is all set to become the first woman minister in the Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi Cabinet. 

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Amid the political turmoil, Kejriwal addressed a meeting and said, “It is enough now. Just like Indira Gandhi once did too much, they (without mentioning any name) are also doing too much. We will now go door-to-door to reach out to the public. All the leaders will descend on the ground and will go among the people.”

The Delhi CM went on raising questions and briefed, “They are alleging that (his former deputy) Manish Sisodia took money from the liquor company. They raided Sisodia’s house, tore up the mattresses, and broke the walls. They even raided Sisodia’s paternal house… but nothing was found. If there was any scam of crores of rupees, at least some lakhs of rupees must have been found at his residence. They investigated his bank account and even the locker, but nothing was found. If he had taken crores of rupees, where is that money?” 

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The rage amongst the national party is increasing with the passing days, and Kejriwal is verbally attacking PM Modi. He made a bold remark by saying, “If Manish Sisodia joins the BJP today, won’t he be released tomorrow? All cases will be withdrawn. If Satyendar Jain joins the BJP today, he will be released from jail tomorrow. The issue is not corruption but to stop work, and send CBI-ED after the opposition.” 

As per the Delhi CM, Sisodia presented the extraordinary model of education in the state, while Jain gave the model of primary health care, which is indigestible to the Modi government. “Thus, they are finding ways to trap and ill-frame the party’s name,” he added. 

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