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Assam Government Makes Good on Promise to Evict Encroachers

Assam takes bold steps to protect public land

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Aditya Saikrishna
Aditya Saikrishna
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INDIA: Today, Assam’s Nagaon District Administration began a colossal eviction drive to free land from the encroachers at Bhumuraguri Grazing reserve, Jamai Basti, Rampur, and Kadamoni areas. 

Assam Government gears up to free land from the encroachers

Leena Doley, Nagaon’s Superintendent of Police in Assam, told reporters that the eviction drive to demolish illegal structures built by the encroachers, which began in the Santijan bazaar area earlier with the deployment of over 600 security personnel, has so far been peaceful.

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More than 980 bighas of land have been encroached upon by illegal encroachers. The state government instructed the nearby Morigaon district administration to be on high alert to cooperate with the eviction campaign as a precaution. 

According to district administration representatives, they sent notices requesting the removal of the encroachments on the land to around 1,000 families in October.

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The police and civil administration have been doing everything possible to ensure that the eviction drive goes peacefully. At Batadraba, to ensure law and order in case riots break out, the civic body deployed over 800 security personnel.

Several videos shared online show the Nagaon District Administration conducting a massive eviction campaign at the Bhumuraguri Grazing Reserve, Jamai Basti, Rampur, and Kadamoni areas.

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On September 12, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma told the Assam Assembly that a sum of 4,449 families had been driven out of the encroached areas across the state for supposed infringement since the BJP-drove government took charge for the second time in May the year before.

According to Sarma, the government did not investigate the citizenship of evicted families to determine whether they were Indian nationals or foreigners.

In addition, he stated that the government was “unaware” of whether the families encroaching on government land were homeless due to erosion, as most such victims typically assert. 

The chief minister of Assam had stated that property rights are not fundamental and that rights like “Shelter over Head” were only available for legitimate occupation.

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