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Aston Martin’s Unique “Slidepods” Take F1 by Storm after Bahrain GP Success

The AMR23 features designs inspired by Red Bull and Ferrari

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Aditya Saikrishna
Aditya Saikrishna
I am 21 years old and an avid Motorsports enthusiast.

UNITED KINGDOM: Following Fernando Alonso’s surprise podium finish in Bahrain, Aston Martin has been making waves with their innovative technical solutions on the AMR23.

One of their standout designs is their “slidepods,” which take the Red Bull downwash concept to another level.

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Even though the underfloor and diffuser play a significant role in driving lap times, the sidepods garner the most attention due to their visual differences, especially as there are distinct differences in design language amongst the leading teams here. 

The sidepods are also where the teams often look for improvements in aerodynamic performance. Aston Martin used the extra computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and wind tunnel resources available to build on the downwash concept they switched to in 2022. 

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As a result, the centre slide in the bodywork was made by making the sidepod’s flank out of a hollow aerodynamic facade. To achieve its objectives, Aston Martin has angled the front wing’s last element away from the main body of the endplate. 

This slight deviation provides multiple shedding surfaces for vortices to propagate, creating outwash effects that the FIA’s technical regulations are supposed to prevent. 

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The flap on the wing has a metal insert that lets it pass load tests and also lets a small piece of the flap in front of it be cut away to make more vortices.

By using proven concepts from its rivals and adding extra resources, Aston Martin can keep improving them. 

At present, Aston Martin is using their seventh-place finish in 2022 to their advantage, returning to 100% of the ATR coefficient until June 30 this season.

The additional air tunnel running time gives them a significant advantage over their closest competitors, Red Bull, Ferrari, and Mercedes, who are obliged to operate at 60%, 75%, and 80%, respectively, in the same period. The advantage should help them close the gap on their rivals and give them a platform for next year’s challenger.

The AMR23’s “slidepods” are a noticeable visual difference from last season, but the car has numerous other minor tricks up its sleeve. The team is constantly hunting for ways to subvert technical regulations and recreate some of the outwash effects they are supposed to prevent. 

As the season goes on, we’ll find out if Aston Martin’s innovative designs can keep them at the front of the pack.

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