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Australia Blamed for Risking Fiji-China Relationship in Light of Unsure Police Agreement 

Fiji PM has made it clear that he is going to cancel a 2011 police cooperation agreement with China

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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AUSTRALIA: Australia is accused by China of endeavouring to risk its rapport with Fiji in light of the questions that surge if the Pacific Island country will demolish enforcing the security and law relationships with China’s Beijing. 

The intensification of animosity follows a diplomatic dispute between China and Fiji over Rabuka’s unwillingness to meet with Ma Zhaoxu, Chinese Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, during his visit to Suva last month.

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Since Sitiveni Rabuka took office at the close of last year, relations between Beijing and Suva have somehow normalised, particularly given that the new prime minister revoked a decision that called for Taiwan to amend the status of its diplomatic presence in Fiji.

Furthermore, Rabuka has made it clear repeatedly that he is going to cancel a police cooperation agreement that Fiji signed with China in 2011 under the tutelage of previous Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama, citing he wanted to preserve law enforcement connections to countries with “similar systems.” 

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Last Monday, the Chinese embassy in Fiji expressed its desire for “relevant parties” to give up ideological bias and consider the law enforcement and police collaboration between China and Fiji from an impartial and logical standpoint.

“The Chinese side genuinely hopes that relevant nations will contribute more to Fiji and the PICs through concrete activities rather than just being concerned about and supporting the PICs for geopolitical reasons,” it added.

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Qian Bo, China’s Special Envoy to the Pacific, supported this message and blamed the “other parties” who “interrupted” the rapport. “We have some patience, but there is a bottom line for us that sees that we meet the core concerns of China,” he added. 

Fijian Home Affairs Minister Pio Tikoduadua stated on Friday that he did not accept the agreement’s scrapped status adding that he reckoned that the government was still “reviewing” it. 

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