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Award-Winning Music Producers Release Debut Music Video

Sai and Piyush produced their debut music video in 2019 and decided to release it during the Covid-19 lockdown.

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INDIA. Pune, Maharashtra. The musical team of Saiprasad Nimbalkar and Piysuh Kulkarni, professionally known as Sai-Piyush, launched their first music video on 4 June. The duo has been impressing fans and critics alike with their film and television scores for a decade. With more than 15 screen credits to their name, Sai and Piyush produced their debut music video in 2019 and decided to release it during the Covid-19 lockdown, wanting to give enjoyment while people were isolated in their homes.

Facing the Camera for the First Time. Usually providing background tracks and vocals, Sai, the 31-year-old musician, fulfilled a lifelong dream and stepped in front of the camera for this exquisite cinematic experience. “Ye Punha is about two people who are deeply in love but not together. They are in love with the memories and the past…it’s been so long, the touch is fading away.” The video is “Emotional and bright…a soulful melody.” The release of this song during a pandemic for which “social distance” became the norm, was timed very well.

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Fate Intervenes for 16-Year-Old. After completing his 10th standard in Pune, India, Sai was faced with the dilemma that so many school-age children in India and across the world confront: What to do with my life? A friend who worked in film shared that there was a local youth audition, so he showed up, only to discover they were auditioning for a much younger child. Rather than leave, Sai followed the assistant director, asking questions and finding himself completely at home with the “vibe” of the people and the set. His curiosity was rewarded.

Sai-Piyush Debut Music Video

The following day, the assistant director introduced him to “another director” also filming at that location. Sai found himself side by side with Amir Khan, one of the most beloved and award-winning actors, directors, and producers known world-wide. Khan graciously allowed Sai to shadow him for the entire day, and it was then that the 16-year-old knew the arts were in his destiny.

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Making His Parents Proud. “Life manifested exactly as I had dreamed…the universe unfolded for me,” Sai shared. “[It’s really important] to be receptive and open to the many small things that happen [in your life]…to pay attention to being in the right place at the right time.”  He shared that he had been in plays during his school days, and those times in front of an audience really built his confidence. When his parents were doubtful that he should focus on the arts, he voluntarily took an extensive aptitude test. The results were clear: he should focus on the arts.  His parents gave cautious support until they attended the first movie screening for which he was a composer in 2010. Since then, they have naturally become his biggest fans.

Recognized for Their Talents. Among several prestigious honors, Sai-Piyush has been awarded The Pune Journalist Association Music Director’s award and The Maharashtra State Government Best Music in a Theater Production award.

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Staying Fresh. Passing the decade mark in their musical partnership, Sai and Piyush keep things fresh by performing live with their band RudraXsha, a Hindi rock/classical fusion band; producing commercial jingles; and now releasing their debut music video. Extending their reach across the globe, they are currently in collaboration with artists from Nigeria and San Diego on a music single. They are also working on a new Marathi film project with a well-known director. Sai is deeply motivated by the arts’ ability to heal the world. “Art has the power to bring the whole world together…it’s a dimension which when introduced to someone cannot be ignored. It’s a beautiful addiction.”


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