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Azam Khan is Accused of Forcing People into Religious Conversion

80 persons of 12 Muslim families revert to Hinduism after 12 years

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INDIA: The Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan is accused of forcing people into religious conversion. Recently, 80 people from 12 families in Muzzafarnagar left Islam and accepted Hinduism (Sanatan Dharma) in the presence of Mahant Swami Yashveer Maharaj at Yog Sadhana Ashram, Bagra.

According to reports, the families were of Hindu origin, but in the early past, Khan forced them to change their religion and accept Islam. The residents belong to Rampur, Uttar Pradesh.

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One woman from the family claimed, “Azam Khan forced us to embrace Islam, he also appropriated our properties.” As per multiple media sources, most of the people belong to the Dalit community, and Khan’s henchmen forcibly controlled their lands and properties.

Now, this handful of people have converted to their religion by chanting Gayatri Mantra and by embracing the Hindu religious thread ‘Janeu’. Yashveer Maharaj, a Hindu saint also purified the members with the help of Gangajal (believed to be the sacred water).

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Most of the names of the people have been changed however now they are corrected and one amongst them is, Imrana who gave herself a new name on Sunday, Kavita, said, “Azam Khan pushed us to convert to Islam 12 years ago. He also took our wealth and property. He also victimized numerous more Dalit households.”

On the other hand, another one named Harjana, who is now Savita, said, “Azam Khan has harassed a number of people. He pressured people into becoming Muslims. He is imprisoned for his transgressions. We are now delighted after Ghar wapsi.”

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Mahant Swami Yashveer Maharaj at Yog Sadhana Ashram, Bagra also claimed that it is not just one case where many who are under the pressure of the SAPA leader, changed their religion.

He said, “These Dalits were coerced 12 years ago and pressured with religious conversion. These folks were purified today with the intervention of Gangajal, and they will now be known as Hindus.”

He also added that more than 530 persons have re-accepted the Hindu religion by now.

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