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BJP Delhi Spokesman Slams Sisodia’s Tweet on Modi’s Gujarat School Visit

Prime Minister Modi is on a special visit to his home state to inaugurate the ‘DefExpo 2022’

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INDIA: Ajay Sehrawat, a vocal advocate for the BJP administration in Delhi, slammed Manish Sisodia for his recent comment on PM Modi. He said, “Long before you (Sisodia) or your party (AAP) were even born, Mr. Narendra Modi was taking care of children and schools.”

A hardcore BJP critic and vocal opponent of the ruling party, Manish Sisodia’s comments were a subtle clap back at the Modi government, which has been in power in Gujarat for nearly three decades without serving the people or catering to their economic burdens, educational drawbacks, systemic failures, and other pertinent problems.

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Prime Minister Modi is on a special visit to his home state to inaugurate the ‘DefExpo 2022’, which will give great impetus to the defence sector by launching India’s biggest defence exhibition.

On Wednesday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in his home state of Gujarat, and travelled to the capital city of Gandhinagar’s town of Adalaj, and launched the Mission School of Excellence.

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According to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), the Mission has been conceived with a total outlay of Rs 10,000 crore.

On his visit to the town and the Mission School of Excellence, the BJP-leader engaged with school students held interactive sessions with them over books, and handed out small trinkets of stationery and sorts, largely focusing on the importance of knowledge and education for the upliftment of the Indian education system and society.

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While PM Modi emphasized the “nation’s development, states’ participation, youth power, young dreams, young courage, and youth’s capabilities” during his visit, BJP’s greatest opponent and Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Aam Admi Party’s Manish Sisodia slammed his ideals.

He tweeted, “Mr Modi, today was the first time you went and sat with school children in Gujarat’s classrooms. If you had done this 27 years ago, then every child from the corner of every village to the edge of every city in Gujarat would have received an excellent education. If it can happen in Delhi in 5 years, then Bhajpa (BJP) party has been in Gujarat for 27 years, but…”

Sisodia’s caustic remarks are posed as a stark reminder to the BJP government that the AAP movement has been successful in securing the education of children across Delhi in the past 5 years.

The Twitter feud between the two parties comes at a crucial time when Manish Sisodia launched a simultaneous slander campaign against the BJP government and its poor upkeep of schools and educational facilities.

In another scathing attack against the saffron party, he claimed that the AAP has a plan to convert every educational institution in Gujarat into world-class schools within a year of coming into power.

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