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Binty Jahan: ‘Business is a Continuous Process, You Have to Improve Every Day, Every Moment’

Roshan Bhondekar interviews Bangladeshi Entrepreneur - Binty Jahan, Director at Bangladesh-China Chamber of Commerce Industry, Chairperson at NAZABI Group

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Divya Dhadd
Divya Dhadd

BANGLADESH: In this episode of the 360-degrees Live Show hosted by Transcontinental Times, we have Binty Jahan from Bangladesh who is an entrepreneur and talks about ownership and the place of women entrepreneurs. Jahan is a role model for women who want to establish a benchmark in entrepreneurship.



The scale of industrial development in Bangladesh is skyrocketing presently. Not just cotton, agriculture, jute and garments, but also other sectors like IT are booming, which have scope in Bangladesh. 

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“As an industrial country, Bangladesh is developing its backward industries for automobiles, infrastructural development, construction and definitely the manufacturing sector,” says Jahan.

Binty Jahan, Director at Bangladesh-China Chamber of Commerce Industry

It is a bilateral chamber that works on the relationship and business development between Chinese and Bangladesh business partners. With many businesses in Bangladesh and China, this is a platform where all stakeholders come and take support from the chamber. The chamber works in a very organized manner and well-shaped manner to develop business with stakeholders of Bangladesh and China.

Making the best of criticism

Jahan thinks of criticism as a positive factor on the ladder of success. Being in the male-dominated industry, receiving criticism from counterparts only makes women stronger. 

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“If there is no criticism, it means you are not really doing great. So criticism is definitely positive for any entrepreneur, especially for women.”

How to maintain sustainability in business?

It is important that any business be done with consistency and with the same drive and focus the business was started with and in a sustainable way. 

If the business is in a supply program or in a manufacturing program then you should think about effective material sourcing. Reducing cost, research on raw materials, supplier relationship and internal management – “you need to do all of this continuously,” asserts Jahan.

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Jahan says that when she started off in business she wasn’t sure about which sector and how to sustain her business. She started to look for the best suppliers and best manufacturers, where they could actually give her a unique product. Business cannot be done with only one option to your buyer, so you need to be continuously sourcing and working on your product or service.

“Business is a continuous process. You cannot work for one day and expect the business to go on. You have to work and improve every day and every moment.”

Essential tips for startup entrepreneurs

With young people keen to start their own business, a lot of startups are coming up. The key point Jahan makes is that you need to be positive throughout, and take risks keeping in mind that you might fail. The initial years of a startup are the seed-growing years, so only minimal results can be expected. Business takes time to grow.

“Always remember that failing will give you the knowledge. Be a student, always, keep learning. Never stop networking, which is very important for startup people, learn from mentors, learn from people,” says Jahan.

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