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Nerea Mafarki Presents her Album Kelintupuah

The singer brings together sounds from four continents in her album and sends a message of unity to humanity

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Sahra Ardah
Sahra Ardah
International artist, art director and producer. Covering human stories and trending topics. She has a PhD in History of Art (2009), and Journalism Master Honors (2009-2011).

SPAIN. Madrid: On the night of 26th November, the young Asturian singer and songwriter, Nerea Mafarki, presented for the first time her album Kelintupuah at the Espacio Ronda in Madrid. Accompanied by artists from Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia, she guided her audience to different parts of the world, inviting them to travel with her from the most intense and dark emotions to the greatest displays of jubilation. In a concert full of symbols, with nods to poetry and dance, the artist shapes a year of work and begins her promising career.

“Kelintupuah is an emotional journey and also a cultural trip. It is a need to flee from fashions and their superficiality, to look for something deeper, to truly undress in front of those who listen to me and give them something sincere, something that is born from a genuine and innocent impulse ”, she explains.

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13 songs brings together 13 languages

The album consists of 13 songs and brings together 13 languages: Persian, Spanish, Arabic, Armenian, Quedhua, Bable, English, Hebrew, Bengali, Urdu, Ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Wolof; and has been produced by the musician and composer Bruno Travi.

“He has been one of the people who has encouraged and helped me the most, with a lot of advice, with a lot of motivation and effort,” says Nerea. 

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“Bruno started as an Andean flute player from Peru, his land, and little by little he became a multi-instrumentalist and has spent half of his life as a producer. On his way, he has met many musicians from different places and has been able to learn from the various music of the world, so it has fallen like a gift from heaven for me since it does not seem so easy to find someone who can understand what I want to do with music and help me to shape it. Although we couldn’t see him at the concert, he has prepared the musical foundations”.

Nerea was accompanied by long-standing artists such as the Sudanese musician Wafir S. Gibril, the writer Francisco Javier Expósito Lozano, and the Senegalese Doudou Nogom, Nar Ndiaye, Cherif Diallo, Abou Lackhone, and Alboury Dabo. Expanding the melting pot of sounds, there was the Moroccan musician Houssam Hammoumi on kanun and kawala, the Indian Narendra Bhaskar on mridangam, Jesús Lecca on guitar and the percussionist from Guinea Bissau, Caro Djalo on pumpkin with water. To represent Spain, Eria Mayo and the rapper ASO also were there.

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Nerea Mafarki has been on stage since she was 17, but it is now that she has finally found her way into music. 

“With Kelintupuah I try to remind myself and others how magical life can be, starting with the one that beats within our hearts,” she says. “I try to break down and tear down my fears to make love reborn. And to overcome the barriers that we have built between countries, between continents and unite the sounds of different cultures, to mix some ancestral or ancient nuance with desires for novelty and current trends, revealing that even the most opposite places and times can have more in common than it seems ”.

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  • Sahra Ardah

    International artist, art director and producer. Covering human stories and trending topics. She has a PhD in History of Art (2009), and Journalism Master Honors (2009-2011).

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