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Nerea Mafarki Presents her Album Kelintupuah

SPAIN. Madrid: On the night of 26th November, the young Asturian singer and songwriter, Nerea Mafarki, presented for the first time her album Kelintupuah at...

Graffiti Artist Vladimir Hirscher In 24 Questions: On New Horizons, SpaceX, NASA, And Transhumanism

Interview with graffiti artist Vladimir Hirscher, also known as Caer8th: one of the most prolific street artists and painters in Europe.

Soleil Releases New Music Video For “Whose Side?”

UNITED STATES. Miami: Recently Soleil unleashed the single, "Whose Side?" The song has garnered much success and praise. Building on the success, Soleil is...

The Left Bank Bistro Salon Series: Leslie Neumann As Next Featured Artist

UNITED STATES. Florida: The Left Bank Bistro will continue celebrating artists in the community as a tribute to St. Petersburg as the City of the...

Christmas Lantern Brightens The Philippine’s Holiday Season

PHILIPPINES. Metro Manila: The holiday season begins when people see the Philippine Christmas lantern or parol hanged outside the windows, doors, street posts, and...

News Network Disregards Photojournalist’s Profession

PHILIPPINES. Quezon City. A Philippine news network disregards photojournalism as a profession. GMA Network profit billions of Philippine Pesos in the third quarter of...

Reviving The Historic Timurid Miniatures Legacy

AFGHANISTAN. Herat. For centuries, Herat has been a center of art and culture in Afghanistan. The miniature is the cultural heritage of the city....

From Botanist To Sculptor, Artist Captures Sensitive Elements Of The Human Experience

For the artist, creating human forms in her sculpture gives her the freedom to do what she loves to do.

Casualties of the Pandemic in the Philippines

In lifting the quarantine restrictions to General Community Quarantine (GCQ) there are still businesses that are struggling to earn. A chain reaction that impacts on small and medium businesses in different industries.

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