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Blinken Tries to Establish Healthy Relations with His Rare China Trip

Pentagon said on Friday that a Chinese spy balloon was suspected to have flown for a few days

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Hrishita Chatterjee
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UNITED STATES: US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is set to encounter his Chinese counterpart next week, leading to an array of disagreements ranging from Taiwan to chips and trade. The common line of query, however, is to avoid another cold war as ties between these two superpowers have faded over the last few years.

US Secretary Blinken to visit China

Blinken has been expected to meet Qin Gang, the Foreign Minister, and Chinese President Xi Jinping. President Joe Biden’s administration has been keen on re-igniting friendship by “building a floor for the relationship.” Biden’s meeting with Jinping last year in November was a gesture calling for a more friendly relationship.

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The Pentagon said on Friday that a Chinese spy balloon was suspected to have flown for a few days, with Washington tracking it since it entered the US airspace.

Moments of tension were created time and again between these superpowers, including the US export regulation bar on China that could be detrimental to China’s chip manufacturing industry.

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The new US-Philippines bond that would grant the US an upper hand over accessing military bases would lead Kevin McCarthy, the new House Speaker, to visit Taiwan.

Jude Blanchette, a China expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, said, “I believe the intention is to essentially skip the Cuban Missile Crisis and jump straight to the détente phase of this Cold War.”

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He added further, “Restoring the relationship’s foundation and putting in place some procedures and methods to be able to cope through some of the relationship’s conflicts.”

China is willing to establish friendly ties with the US in order to focus on its economy, slain by the new “zero-carbon” policy.

A placating tone was struck by the Chinese state media right before Blinken’s visit with a newspaper report that put forth the claim that it is impossible for both countries to decouple.

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