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Bolsonaro Won’t Be Able to Run for Office in Brazil until 2030

Five out of seven justices convicted Bolsonaro of abuse of power and media misuse

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BRAZIL: Jair Bolsonaro, the former president of Brazil, has suffered a significant blow to his political career as the federal electoral court suspended him until 2030 due to his actions during the controversial July 2022 election. Five out of seven justices convicted Bolsonaro of abuse of power and media misuse.

Bolsonaro, a populist who narrowly lost the election to Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, has experienced a dramatic turnaround. He is held accountable for igniting a national campaign to annul the election outcome, which ultimately led to an assault on federal buildings in Brasilia.

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The decision by the electoral court is expected to have a profound impact on Brazilian politics, effectively excluding Bolsonaro from the 2026 race against Lula and creating space for competition among right-wing candidates.

In the majority ruling, Justice Benedito Goncalves accused President Lula da Silva of using ambassador meetings to spread doubts and incite conspiracy theories. Two judges dissented, while Justice Alexandre de Moraes, the head of the TSE, supported the majority and stated that Bolsonaro had propagated a series of lies and fraudulent news.

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The victory in the trial belongs to Lula’s team. The verdict sends a strong message that lying is not a legitimate tool in public office and that politics cannot be governed by the law of the jungle. This has been one of the most significant tests of democracy in decades.

Bolsonaro maintains his innocence and plans to appeal the Supreme Court’s decision. He perceives it as a betrayal and intends to continue advocating for right-wing politics in Brazil. However, the TSE ruling does not resolve Bolsonaro’s legal troubles, as he is still under investigation for several crimes, potentially leading to imprisonment.

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Bolsonaro has expressed his support for Michelle’s campaign, an evangelical Christian who could attract religious right members who are skeptical of Lula. Despite her lack of political experience, Bolsonaro’s chances of defeating Lula in the 2026 election may be slim.

Lula, who was previously incarcerated following a corruption conviction in 2019 but had it overturned, is now serving as president. Bolsonaro’s political influence remains significant, according to analysts at Arko Advice.

Jair Bolsonaro, the former Brazilian leader, has faced criticism for his poor management of the Amazon rainforest, relaxed COVID-19 regulations, and attacks on Brazil’s election system. As a supporter of Trump, Bolsonaro has received international condemnation for his handling of the election.

The TSE trial is part of a broader effort to address the repercussions of Brazil’s most tumultuous election. Bolsonaro faces investigations by the electoral court, while his former allies are being questioned by MPs as part of a congressional inquiry into the events of January 8.

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