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UCC Submits Draft to State Government, Prioritizing the Welfare of Women, Children, and the Differently-Abled

The expert panel, headed by former Supreme Court judge Justice Ranjana Desai, will now submit the draft to the state government

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INDIA: In a significant development, the Uniform Civil Court of Uttarakhand has completed the proposal draft addressing the “safety of women, children, and the differently-abled,” along with new age criteria for marriage.

The draft also covers subjective matters including divorce, succession, guardianship, custody, and inheritance. The expert panel, headed by former Supreme Court judge Justice Ranjana Desai, will now submit the draft to the state government.

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Justice Ranjana Desai stated, “The report of the expert committee, along with the draft code, will soon be printed and submitted to the Government of Uttarakhand.”

It is important to note that marriage, divorce, inheritance, and maintenance fall under the non-justiciable directive principles of state policy as per the Constitution.

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In a 2018 consultation paper, the law commission mentioned that a Uniform Civil Code was “neither necessary nor desirable at this stage.”

In recent months, the law commission sought views and suggestions on the Uniform Civil Code from the public and recognized religious organizations. Several states, including Uttarakhand, have established panels to facilitate the implementation of the Uniform Civil Code.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi also addressed the matter during a meeting with BJP booth workers, questioning the effectiveness of a hypocritical system where different laws apply to different individuals within a single household. He emphasized the importance of common rights, as highlighted in the Constitution of India.

The draft code has been prepared based on valuable feedback and inputs from a diverse range of stakeholders, including political parties, statutory bodies, and individuals.

It addresses crucial issues such as gender parity, matrimonial matters, adoption, and inheritance, as confirmed by a panel member.

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