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Boosting Immune System Not Sufficient To Address COVID-19 Says Dr. David DeRose

Drawing from Dr. DeRose's research and multidisciplinary medical training, he has released a new free video entitled, "Beyond Immune Enhancement."

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UNITED STATES. Indiana: Although COVID-19 vaccines have been rolled out to the public, many are still frustrated by their inability to get immunized. While they wait for the vaccine, trying to steer clear of the virus and boosting their immune systems seem to be among the best strategies available. Others are adamantly refusing any of the new COVID-19 vaccines. Many in this camp express little fear of the virus; however, they too are often seeking information about how to enhance their immune functioning.

Against this backdrop of widespread interest in immune augmentation, David DeRose, MD, MPH, is saying that this single-minded focus on “boosting immunity” may be misplaced. Dr. DeRose has gone on record, “COVID-19 continues to hit hardest those who are dealing with other common chronic conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes.

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Therefore, those looking to non-drug strategies to help stave off the ravages of coronavirus infection should be embracing strategies that are not only geared to optimize immune functioning but also are calculated to improve other underlying disease states.”

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DeRose is more than raising questions: He is also providing answers. Drawing from his research and multidisciplinary medical training (he is a practicing physician with board certifications in both Internal Medicine and Preventive Medicine), Dr. DeRose has just released a new free video entitled, “Beyond Immune Enhancement.”

DeRose explains the background behind this new beautifully illustrated video: “Several years ago, when I teamed up with Dr. Greg Steinke and Nurse Practitioner, Trudie Li, we thought we were only writing a cutting-edge book about high blood pressure. It’s true, our book, ‘Thirty Days to Natural Blood Pressure Control,’ ranks consistently among the best-selling high blood pressure books in the English language. However, as data emerged about the dangers of COVID-19, we realized our simple 10-step program for dealing with high blood pressure also had special relevance for dealing with the current pandemic.”

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Drawing on this knowledge, Dr. DeRose just released his new YouTube video, “Beyond Immune Enhancement.” In addition to providing practical strategies to enhance immunity and ameliorate chronic diseases, the video introduces viewers to other free professionally-authored resources including: (1) an extensive immune system handout, (2) a free 30-day online lifestyle change program, and (3) a free e-book. View the free video today, share it with those you love, and access the other free resources provided by Dr. DeRose and his colleagues.


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