The Importance of Vitamin D3 During COVID-19 Times

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Nilesh Chogle
Nilesh Chogle
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INDIA: While the populace is searching for the most admired vaccines for COVID-19 on the efficacy and avoidance of adverse side effects during the pandemic, very little attention is on existing therapeutic advantages of maintaining vitamins, D3 supplements, and Calcium maintenance in the body.

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What is vitamin D3?

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Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin being one of the essential ingredients that the human body needs. It is a body nutrient that maintains the immune system, the neuromuscular system, and works on maintaining the lifecycle of human cells. Pathogens entering the human body cannot be uprooted in the event there is a deficiency of vitamin D3 due to its most efficacious effect on maintaining an efficient immune system. D3 is needed for avoiding ill absorption of calcium to the bones, thereby reducing bone density, fragile bones (osteomalacia) in adults and to prevent soft bones (rickets) in growing children.

Sources of Vit. D-D2 and D3

Ordinarily, Vitamin D is produced by the human body through exposure to solar rays or people getting exposure to sufficient sunlight.

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Vitamin D (or D2) refers to ergocalciferol, received through the solar rays, fortified foods(milk or cereal), wild mushrooms, and fish. D2 helps in the absorption of calcium and phosphates that support bone formation and the nervous system development, used for people with osteoporosis or bone loss.

D3, on the other hand, are Colecalciferols, are found in animal sources like fish oil, fatty fish liver, and egg yolks, which is more potent in maintaining an effective immune system, neuromuscular system, and CNS system. D2 is used to treat hypoparathyroidism (decreased thyroid hormone secretion), Vit.D resistant rickets, and hypophosphatemia (low levels of phosphorus in the blood). D3 on the other hand is absorbed into the blood and metabolized through the liver into 25-hydroxyvitamin D2 and 25-hydroxyvitamin D3, otherwise collectively known as 25D or Calcifediol.  

The ‘Lockdown Blues’

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The current pandemic has had the effect of keeping populations of most countries in Lockdown mode thereby denying individuals of getting sun’s vital energies. Sun is the source of life on the planet and its absence can lead to such anomalies. People are not even aware during lockdown they are unwittingly inviting the blues.

What happens during an insufficiency or deficiency of Vit D3?

Vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency can cause a “cytokine storm,” in the human body. Cytokines are pro-inflammatory responses. They are the human body’s signals to the immune system in normal circumstances. However, in a pandemic, if the prevalence of Vit D3 is insufficient, the result could be dysfunctional immune or depletion in the body’s immune system to map the pathogens, particularly viruses.

Need to maintain sufficient Vit D3 during a pandemic

One of the most potent is vitamin D3 chemically 25-Hydroxyvitamin D. Vitamin D3 can be obtained from pharmacies with a prescription. A weekly dose of D3 [Cholecalciferol] about 60K I.U. is sufficient for the daily absorption of calcium and phosphorous. A combination of Calcium Carbonate (from Coral grains) and Vitamin D3 is best to maintain a sufficient level of Calcium in the bones of the human body.

D3 supports the nourishment of calcium in the bones at the place where it is needed. Mainly in the bones, thereby denying muscles reaching out for calcium source from the bones and avoiding spars of bones and fractures.

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