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Border Crossings at US Decreases by 50% following Title 42 Expiry

According to a US official, some 10,000 migrants were taken into custody on Tuesday

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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UNITED STATES: The US southern border crossing numbers have dwindled by 50% in light of Thursday’s restrictions related to the pandemic that was put against prior tensions of a possible augmentation as per what Alejandro Mayorkas, Homeland Security Secretary, mentioned on Sunday, adding that it is still “too early” to mention if the crossing numbers have increased. 

On Friday, 6,300 crossings were counted by the US Border Patrol and on Saturday, the number decreased to 4,300 in light of the 10,000 down before Thursday’s Title 42 expiry. Mayorkas says, “There’s a lawful, safe and orderly way to arrive in the United States that is through the pathways that President Biden has expanded in an unprecedented way, and then there’s a consequence if one does not use those lawful pathways.” 

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According to an announcement on the reintroduction of Title 8, which was in effect preceding the pandemic, the newly implemented penalties for unauthorised entry include the non-eligibility for asylum, increased dismissal, and a minimum five-year ban on revisiting the country. On Friday, Title 8 restored operation.

According to the fact sheets, “The return to processing under Title 8 is expected to reduce the number of repeat border crossings over time, which increased significantly under Title 42.” 

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Authorities at the federal and state levels have been handling an unusually large amount of crossings while preparing for an expected increase in migrants after the expiration of Title 42. According to a US official, some 10,000 migrants were taken into custody on Tuesday. The maximum number of 11,000 expected after Thursday was slightly lower than this.

Last week, many migrants in El Paso, Texas, mentioned that the upsurge in the number of crossings took place in light of the rumours that were rampant in Mexico and online that the best time to cross borders was before the expiration of Title 42. 

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