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Boris Johnson ‘Partygate’ Report and Its Impact on His Political Career

The former prime minister abruptly resigned as a member of parliament last week

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UNITED KINGDOM: The report by MPs probing whether Boris Johnson lied to Parliament on Covid lockdown parties in No. 10 has finally been released. The 106-page report by the privileges committee’s seven members was the result of an investigation that lasted a full year.

Following the receipt of an advance copy, the former prime minister of UK abruptly resigned as a member of parliament last week, accusing the committee of biases.

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Boris Johnson’s biography centres around his relationship with the truth. Media reports claim that he was fired from The Times for fabricating quotes and later removed from the Conservative front bench for lying about an affair. He served as prime minister just 40 weeks ago, leading a government with a majority.

Johnson’s career has been destroyed by his peers, who pushed him out of Parliament.

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The committee responsible for making a recommendation consisted of four Conservatives and three other MPs. The members of committee were unexpectedly involved in a serious investigation, highlighting the authority of Parliament and the value of truth.

Boris Johnson is now in greater power, arguing that there was no conspiracy but rather an oversight. The committee attempted to understand his intentions and asserted success in achieving the former. 

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Johnson said that the committee now claims that he purposefully deceived the House, and that when he testified, he was knowingly concealing his knowledge of illegal events from the House. He went on to say that this is nonsense and a lie.

In an interaction with an UK-based media house, a former cabinet minister expressed the desire for ex-MPs to become ex quickly. They claimed that Boris Johnson had limited parliamentary support based on Tory MP WhatsApp groups and recent public pronouncements.

A Boris Johnson supporter on the Tory backbencher, labelled the former UK PM’s actions as “spiteful, vindictive, and overreaching.” One minister said to a UK-based media portal that Boris is the type of guy who could fall down a manhole head first and yet stand up.

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