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Boris Johnson Claims That Putin Threatened UK with a Missile Strike

The information was revealed in a three-part BBC documentary titled "Putin vs the West"

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Sadaf Hasan
Sadaf Hasan
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UNITED KINGDOM: Boris Johnson, the UK’s former prime minister, has said Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened to hit Britain with a missile strike shortly before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The information was revealed in a three-part BBC documentary titled “Putin vs the West.”

Then-prime minister Johnson said Putin threatened him, saying that it would “only take a minute” to hit Britain with a missile.

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Johnson claimed the remark was made after he cautioned that the conflict would be an “utter catastrophe” during a “very long” call in February 2022.

Johnson warned Putin that invading Ukraine would result in Western sanctions and an increase in NATO forces stationed along Russia’s borders.

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Additionally, he made an effort to prevent Russian military action by informing Putin that Ukraine would not be a member of NATO “for the foreseeable future.”

But Johnson stated, “He threatened me at one point, saying, ‘Boris, I don’t want to hurt you, but it would only take a minute with a missile,’ or something along those lines. Jolly.”

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“But I think he was just playing along with my attempts to persuade him to bargain, based on his very comfortable tone and the aura of detachment that he seemed to have,” he added.

Johnson said Putin had been “very familiar” during the “most extraordinary call.” It is impossible to determine whether Putin’s warning was real.

However, considering prior Russian attacks on the UK—the latest in Salisbury in 2018—any threat from the Russian leader, regardless of how lightly delivered, is probably one Johnson would have no other option but to take seriously.

The documentary also reveals that UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace took a flight to Moscow to meet his Russian counterpart, Sergei Shoigu, on February 11, where he received assurances of no incursion. 

Wallace, though, called it a “demonstration of bullying or strength,” adding, “I’m going to lie to you, you know I’m lying, and I know you know I’m lying, and I’m still going to lie to you.”

After about 15 days, on February 24, tanks rolled in, and Zelensky called Johnson in the middle of the night, saying, “They are attacking everywhere.” 

Johnson offered Zelensky his assistance in getting the president to safety; however, he refused to leave his nation. “He doesn’t take me up on that offer. He heroically stayed where he was,” Johnson said.

The documentary “Putin vs the West” will be aired on Monday, January 30 at 21:00 on BBC 2. It will also be available on the UK’s iPlayer.

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