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Brahmastra: Part Two-Dev: Expected to Release in Dec 2025

Ayan Mukherji revealed, “we want to make part two and want it to be released in 2025 December and we are aiming for that”

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INDIA: Brahmastra: Part One – Shiva, the trilogy movie is a huge surprise box for Indian cinema and is highly applauded by cinephiles. The film is doing wonders on the big screen, has nearly bagged 160 crores, since its release and is predicted to maintain the same flow in the forthcoming days.

In the recent past, the Multiplex Association of India announced September 16, the National Cinema Day where audiences will enjoy movie tickets, at a subsidised rate of Rs75 only.

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However amid Brahmastra’s grand success, “The MAI has decided to postpone the National Cinema Day by a week. It’ll now be held on Friday, September 23, instead of Friday, September 16,” as per reports. 

The buzz of the part two release is reigning everywhere on social media and director Ayan Mukherji in an interview said that he expected to release part two of the sequel in 2025.

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He said, “We will go on floors the day we are rested from part one. The core team comes together and we say, ‘Ok we want to make part two and want it to be released in 2025 December and we are aiming for that. And then we are on floors.” Ever Since the part one release of the Ranbir Kapoor-Alia Bhatt starrer movie, fans started anticipating the continuing story which spins around the character Dev.

In the part one sequel of the movie, Dev plays the anonymous antagonist whose force is inevitable and extreme and aims to control the universe which was certainly seized with the partition of the Brahmastra. However, with the end of part one, the Astra regained its original formation, leaving behind a thoughtful imagination for fans to prophesy.

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Mukherji when asked about the character Dev in the movie he said, “ I feel we will come into our own with our storytelling in part two. I have known that for a long time. Part one was just the foundation, the setup of this story. But I can’t tell you who Dev is. When the time is right, I will announce.”

Though he gave some hits about the powerful charter by stating, “I can answer very few things about Dev. The idea was to create a very clear indication of where we are going next with the storytelling. Now we are getting into the story of our antagonist. Decoding it, giving you some hook to hang on to for part two. Dev is the fulcrum of the entire Brahmastra trilogy.”

He further added, “The problems that this community and the world will face because of Brahmastra, what is the real stress with it. All of this will unfold in Dev’s story. His story is meant to take us back into his past but also he has returned to the present. So, the idea is, we will be continuing the present story, but also telling you the story of the past.” 

Talking about the VFX in the movie, Ayan Mukherji effortlessly brought an imaginative universe in front of the whole world with all his expertise and visual effects, that Indian cinema has never experienced before.

He said, “We have our target. We would like to make this film and have it come out three years from now. It is a tough timeline for us considering how much time part one took. But now we have also learnt how to make these kinds of films. Going on floors isn’t as important as when we plan to get the film out. On floors implies shooting but actually on a film like this, the pre-production, work on VFX, the post is as important as when you shoot it.” 

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