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BTS Overtakes Justin Bieber to Become YouTube’s Most Viewed Artist

BTS has amassed an astounding 26.7 billion views across all of their official channels

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UNITED STATES: Over the years, BTS has consistently provided the BTS ARMY with interesting content. The septet has made sure that fans receive entertaining videos ever since the group’s debut on June 13, 2013.

The numerous official YouTube channels that participate in creating a community on the platform for them are at the heart of this strategy.

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This is mostly driven by BANGTANTV, the group’s content provider. Their agency’s official YouTube account for all music videos is HYBE LABELS.

The boy band has now accomplished a tremendous milestone, continues to be the leading contributor to these channels. the Korean boy band is now the artist with the most YouTube views as of August 12.

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BTS has amassed an astounding 26.7 billion views across all of their official channels, making them the most watched artist in the platform’s history.

BTS has become the most viewed artist on the accounts of the platform. The list also includes Bad Bunny, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Shakira, Ozuna, Eminem and Ariana Grande, holding the tenth position. BTS’ have some famous music videos like ‘Boy With Luv’, ‘Dynamite’, ‘DNA’, ‘MIC Drop’, ‘IDOL’ and ‘Fake Love’.

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Many became part of the community on the YouTube platform, but BTS among them shines out differently. The Global pop music artist even got a chance to take the lead on a ‘Samsung Lead Music Video Takeover’. Additionally, they have visited and promoted larger-than-life campaigning with a visit to different places like Times Square in New York City, Piccadilly Circus in London, Kudamm in Berlin.

The Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation recently disclosed the brand value rankings for BTS boy group for August, based on big data analysis, which says: they topped the brand value marketing, which includes consumer participation, media activity, communication, community activity, etc.

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