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Burberry’s Ethereal Ad Combines Desire and Realism by Starring Dancers Surging Through the Sky

This hyperreal premise of Burberry is a campaign that honors the pioneering spirit that commences the sense of blissfulness

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Khushant Runghe
Khushant Runghe
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UNITED STATES: In this Burberry ad, Four friends walking across the endless golden wheat field adds to the simplicity of every moment. Suddenly, a mystical gust of wind ties them to the surreal act of fantasy, by granting them the ability to fly. This whole scenario gives a dreamlike vibe with a sense of freedom and interconnectivity with nature.

This hyperreal premise of Burberry is a campaign that honors the pioneering spirit that commences the sense of blissfulness. “Singin in the Rain,” the brand’s previous fantastical ad campaign that featured dancers in the streets of London, was an ecstasy of juke music that could be played on repeat. Now it is the turn of the British countryside to form a foundation for creative cosmos. This concludes to taking inspiration from Thomas Burberry’s philosophical quote, “Inherent in every Burberry garment is freedom”.

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All of this leads to the notion of Burberry’s ad film “Open Spaces,” which was directed by Megaforce and by DP Ewen Spencer. (La) Horde, a group at the helm of the Ballet National de Marseille, choreographed the dancers’ spectacular choreography. Ryan Lott’s “Counting Atomic” provides a captivating background score that enriches the experience of each picture. As director of photography, Justin Brown’s quirky aesthetic blends the viewer with the wonders of nature and fantasy.

The commercial begins with a group of youngsters hiking across a wheat field in the British countryside. The wind lifts them off the ground, making them weightless and causing them to float across the field. Their fluid movements in the air express their sense of liberation, which is captured in a linear shot across the lake to the forests. And in the last sequence, all four approach closer magnetically to each other, constituting a unified structure in the sky.

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What does it mean?

The ‘Open Spaces’ in some way is considered to be a spiritual sequel to ‘’Freedom,’ which likewise dealt with the theme of freedom, choreography, and nature. ‘Festive’ depicted four dancers dancing through a hailstorm in the streets of London before uniting in the sea.

As soon as the group of young people puts on the Burberry Outwear, they begin to float in the wind, which serves as a metaphor for freedom. According to the brand ”, Burberry outwear gives us the ability to move into new locations beyond borders and expectations”, which simplifies the meaning of the entire campaign.

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Burberry chief creative officer Riccardo Tisci stated “This campaign embraces the fearless spirit of discovery that ties us to one another and the natural habitat,”. He added further “It’s about seeking unlimited possibilities-looking to the future and connecting us all,’’.


Burberry’s ad campaign not only offers numerous levels of creativity but its deep-seated concept of freedom and the natural world always insists on a fresh sense of ideas, which is a visual treat to witness.

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