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Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Popularity Of AYUSH System Of Medicine

INDIA. New Delhi: With increasing awareness about health, fitness, and changing lifestyle, the demand for AYUSH Systems especially Ayurveda & Yoga has increased tremendously...

“I Am Currently Jobless”: Septuagenarian Bollywood Actor Sharat Saxena

INDIA: Versatile Bollywood actor and fitness enthusiast Sharat Saxena opened up on how finding a good role is difficult for the senior actors and...

Alcohol Might Not Be So Toxic For Your Body

Apart from the physical benefits, drinking alcohol moderately helps maintain mental health as well. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Men Are Bigger Contributors To Greenhouse Gases Than Women, New Study

Single men produce more emissions than women because of their higher car use. Photo Credit: Pixabay

Thailand’s Street Food

Thailand: Street food is undoubtedly one of the most familiar staples of Thai culture. The varieties of street food vary by region around the...

Conscious Living, A Key To Conquer Doom scrolling

The key to lessen the impact of doomscrolling is recognizing our behavior, reflecting on it and acting upon it by consciously consuming news. Photo Credit: Pixabay

Mauritius – Reopening Of Tourism

MAURITIUS: The little wonder island, Mauritius, home to sandy white beaches and sparkling emerald-green waters for romantic beach holidays recently reopened from 15 July...

Abstract Art In Modern Society

INDIA. Mumbai: The beginning of modern art and paintings began in 19th-century France. The Post-Impressionist successors out rightly rejected the earlier style of painting....

Three-Year Old Kashmiri Climate Activist Filza Faheem Making A Positive Difference To The Environment

INDIA. Kashmir: At the tender age of three, little Filza Faheem from Srinagar, Kashmir has become the young face of climate change in the...

“Ruminating Frida” – Remembering Frida Kahlo

INDIA. Kolkata: Frida (Frida Kahlo) is someone who is close to everyone's heart. Like a goddess, she is referred to by her first name...

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