Meet Echo and Bifrost – FB Undersea Cables Connecting Southeast-Asia

Facebook undersea cables project with Google connecting Southeast-Asian countries of Indonesia and Singapore with America.

Drone Delivery: The Future Of Delivery Services

As an increasing number of consumers shopped with a simple swipe on their phone screens, let’s look at how using drones helped shape Retail Logistics behavior.

AfDB Pumps $530m Into Angola’s Energy

ANGOLA. Luanda: The African Development Bank (AfDB) recently committed $530 million to finance the construction of a 343 kilometer, 400kV central-south transmission line that...

The Tussle Between The Russian Internet Regulator And Twitter

The regulatory body has imposed centralized response measures against Twitter in their claims to protect Russian citizens and force Twitter to comply with Russian legislation. Photo Credit: Pixabay

ISRO Develops Radar For Earth Observation Satellite Mission With NASA

INDIA: National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) and Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) have jointly developed the world’s first earth observation satellite with two different...

The Government Sells Airwaves Worth Rs 77,814.80 Crore In The Spectrum Auction 2021

The Government of India sold airwaves for Rs 77,814.80 crore, in the auction of 2,308.80 MHz spectrum in seven frequency bands on Tuesday. Three bidders obtained the right to use 855.60 MHz Spectrum.

Three Arrested For Posting Obscene Videos Under The Pretext Of Doing A “Prank”

Three persons were arrested for making obscene videos under the pretext of doing a "Prank" and uploading them on Youtube”. They earned a revenue of over Rs 2 crore.

New Rules To Curb Misuse Of Social Media Platforms

INDIA.Mumbai: The Union Government on Thursday announced new rules to curb misuse of social media platforms, as it mandated firms to appoint grievance officers,...

Faculty Of Afghan University Developing New Technologies To Help The Government

AFGHANISTAN. Herat: Herat is known as a hub of knowledge, culture, and ancient crafts. However, now, the city has been actively involved in generating...

An Insight Of Tesla’s Investment In Bitcoin

Telecommunications giant AT&T was the first major US company to provide cryptocurrency payment option to its customers. Photo Credit: Pixabay

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