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Amazing Coral Reef At Mithapur

Mithapur beach area has a very rich and virgin coral life in the reef area and is accessible at low tides.

‘Mandir to Masjid’ – Heritage Walk In Old City Of Ahmedabad

The heritage walk through the walled city introduces the tourist to many heritage attractions in Ahmadabad, Gujarat

Malawi Plans To Open Embassy In Jerusalem

The country seeks to review its foreign policy

Historic Jewish Community Remembered Fondly By The Afghan People

AFGHANISTAN. Herat. Based on studies, The Jewish population in Herat was close to 40,000 as of 1836. The city was home to...

A Boost To Air Connectivity To Remote Areas Of The Country

INDIA. Mumbai. The Union Civil Aviation Ministry introduced 78 new routes, which included nearly half of the routes for North East India,...

Naturalist Paradise Is A Hidden Gem For Tourists

Thekkadi in Kerala is a one in all tourist destination with hills, river, wildlife, forests, trekking areas, ayurvedic spas, cultural dances, spice gardens etc.

Ministry Of Home Affairs Allows Foreign Journalists To Travel To India With Valid Visas

INDIA. New Delhi. The government has allowed foreign journalists with valid visas to come to India along with family members. A Home...

Exquisite Doors of India

Exqusite. intricatelycarvedand artistically built doors are the front face of a haveli.

The Wallahs Of Delhi – Part II

Delhi wallahs, the single entreprenuers carry on their fight for survival on the streets of the merciless streets.

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Taking A Gap Year During A Pandemic

UNITED STATES. Rochester, New York. I graduated high school online with an anticlimactic finale amidst a pandemic that was running rampant through...

Artists Discuss On The Nature Of Cities To Better Our Lives.

FRANCE. Samois-sur-Seine. Carmen Bouyer walks in the immersive Fontainebleau forest and swims in the clear waters of the Seine river. She volunteers...

U.S. Government To Limit The Stay Of Chinese Journalists To 90 days

UNITED STATES. The U.S. government is planning to restrict the stay of Chinese journalists in the U.S. to a period of 90...

Florida All Set To Reopen Businesses And Restaurants Amid Rising Cases In The U.S.

UNITED STATES. It has been around 8 months since the first case of COVID-19 was announced in the U.S. During that time,...

Love & OM: Sexual Intimacy During COVID-19

Maybe you’ve been one of the lucky ones to be in a relationship during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns. Maybe your partner lives...