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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Legal Papers Served to Andrew Tate over Rape and Sexual Assault Allegations

Andrew Tate was placed under house arrest in Romania in April

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UNITED KINGDOM: Four women, aged 20s and 30s, are suing former kickboxer Andrew Tate for alleged rape and sexual assault between 2013 and 2016. The women are seeking civil lawsuits against Tate, with over £18,500 raised through a CrowdJustice campaign. The lawsuits aim to protect Tate’s reputation and legal proceedings.

Attorneys from McCue Jury & Partners presented a letter to Tate, who is under house arrest pending human trafficking allegations in Romania.

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The lawsuit aims to obtain justice, accountability, and compensation for Andrew’s victims and encourage a UK criminal investigation to ensure his prosecution and conviction in the country, along with his charges in Romania, as per the law firm.

The legal document details four women’s allegations of brutal rapes, physical assaults, and coercive behaviour against Tate. The firm have added that if he doesn’t respond, legal action will be taken against him at the London high court.

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One woman claimed he abused her in 2014, causing her to pass out and still raping her.

Andrew Tate, a 36-year-old dual citizen of the UK and the US, was placed under house arrest in Romania in April after a judge denied longer detention. He is accused of rape, human trafficking, and organized crime, along with his brother and two Romanian women. All charges have been refuted by him.

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UK victims of Tate’s alleged crimes are bringing their battle for justice to Tate’s door, according to Matthew Jury, managing partner of McCue Jury & Partners. The seriousness and force of Tate’s accusations are made clear in the legal documents presented to him.

“Tate made ludicrous assertions that these women weren’t even real, but after reading the papers, he should remember how true those accusations were. Talks of “false flag” and the “Matrix” are irrelevant in court. The survivors look forward to seeing him there,” according to Mathew Jury.

Tate’s representative denies allegations of violence against women. Andrew’s spokeperson said, “We understand there is a lot of interest surrounding Andrew right now; nevertheless, he adamantly denies these charges and does not condone violence against women in any form. Andrew’s sexual acts have all been consensual and agreed upon in advance by both parties.”

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