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China Resorts to Fake News and Threats after Military Drills Fail to Subdue Tsai Ing-wen

China also mobilised its media to circulate fake news claiming that people felt anxious over the Pelosi visit

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TAIWAN: To relieve its angst over the US, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent visit to Taipei confirmed the US support for Taiwan’s sovereignty. China has now stooped to a new low, launching a harsh attack on Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen and her Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for hosting Nancy Pelosi. Without explicitly mentioning the Speaker’s name or citing any details of her visit, a Communist Party of China (CPC) mouthpiece of state-run Chinese media named the Global Times attacked her party and threatened to ensure that they would “swallow bitter fruits”.

China also mobilised its media to circulate fake news claiming that people felt anxious over the Pelosi visit. At the same time, the reality exposes those thousands of Taiwanese citizens greeted the US meet- barring a few protesters- with open arms.

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The Global Times editorial added, “What is certain is that the series of bitter fruits that Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi brought to Taiwan island will be enough for the DPP authority and the “Taiwan independence” forces; to swallow for a while.”

Meanwhile, China has felt itself stumbling with a reverse UNO card as Taiwan dismissed reports of Chinese media showing images of Taiwanese citizens being evacuated and called them fake.

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“The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) said Thursday that the purported plan to evacuate Chinese nationals from Taiwan in reports carried by China’s state-media CCTV is disinformation. The rumour is running wild online and has been identified as fake news”Taiwan News reported citing MAC officials.

The editorial has also claimed that if the US and Taiwan rub shoulders together anymore from now on, China will inevitably launch its process of “reunification” of the island nation to “motherland China”.

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However, Taiwan is not timid enough to back down from a challenge. It asserts its sovereignty wholeheartedly and is ready to engage in confrontation, be it military or political. “We are seeing psychological warfare that is stronger than ever before, and it will intensify in the coming days”, Taiwanese Legislative Yuan Lo Ping-cheng reportedly told Taiwan News.

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