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China’s Perspective: Wagner Rebellion Seen as Russia’s ‘Internal Affairs’

China has not previously commented on the uprising, which according to Putin, endangered Russia's very existence

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CHINA: Chinese officials view a failed Wagner mercenary uprising as Moscow’s internal affairs, while state media dismisses Russia’s divisions as an “illusion” manipulated by the West. Russian deputy foreign minister Andrei Rudenko discussed the challenge to Putin’s power in Beijing.

China’s foreign ministry initially stated that Rudenko and Qin Gang discussed international and regional issues, including Sino-Russian relations. Later, it revealed that China supports Russia in preserving national security, stating that the nation supports Moscow’s development and prosperity as a friendly neighbour and strategic partner in the new era.

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According to the Russian foreign ministry, China has officially supported Moscow authorities, expressing support for the Russian Federation’s leadership’s efforts to stabilise the situation in the country following the June 24 events.

Rudenko’s trip to Beijing, a significant Russian ally, was not in response to the uprising led by mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin. In exchange for Prigozhin returning to base and moving to Belarus, a compromise was made, ending the mutiny on Saturday.

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China has not previously commented on the uprising, which according to Putin, endangered Russia’s very existence. Chinese media had been keenly following the uprising, but they mostly held off on commenting before any official statements.

Prigozhin’s “mutiny” and the “illusion” that Russia has numerous internal problems and “the building is collapsing” are the newest attacks by western media, according to the state-run newspaper in China. This is yet another attempt to destabilise Russian societal unity, as per the newspaper.

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China and Russia maintain a close relationship despite not being formal allies. Beijing has been encouraged by the United States and other Western nations to refrain from providing Russia with weapons that could be used in the crisis in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, discussed hostilities and Russia’s developments, urging the world to exert pressure on Russia until international order is restored. Zelenskiy claimed that the actions of yesterday exposed the weakness of Putin’s regime.

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