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Claire Goff: ‘Don’t Give Up – Trying Is Achieving’

Says Claire Goff to ‘anyone out there with a desire to write, for pleasure or for future social-political change’

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Divya Dhadd
Divya Dhadd

UNITED KINGDOM: Claire Goff is a tenacious woman who knows what she wants and is living proof of striving to pursue her goals no matter how tough the path appears to be. 

Coming from a working-class background, on multiple occasions of life Goff has faced social-class discrimination, but she takes pride in the fact that those experiences only made her more determined for change. 

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After embarking on a joint BA Hons in Drama and, English and American Literature, Goff’s encounter with class discrimination made her call to fight it only stronger.  

Like they say, ‘When life throws you lemons, make a lemonade.’

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An undeterred Goff has poured her real-life experiences into her fictionalized novel.

Her ultimate ambition is opening a charity to help the underprivileged of British Society, particularly children. And she is hoping this book will help fund her dream.

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Tale of an author

There are many reasons behind Goff wanting to become an author. 

She begins with, “I absolutely love reading, clichéd but true.”

“My desire for change around equality and diversity among the lower social working classes is so strong, it is almost like a burning energy running through my veins, I just cannot ignore the frustrations and hurdles that are experienced daily by many, and the need to advocate this for my class of people is like the need for oxygen, water and food to me.”

Goff read in The Writers and Artists Year Book (2019) that the CEO of Penguin articulated that not enough working-class writers were being given an opportunity with traditional publishers, therefore the future academics and historians will not be given a true likeness/representation of the society and times. Penguin’s doors are still closed to the lower-social working-class writers, which only fueled her desire to write further.

Writing – a catalyst for global change

“Writing is a form of communication which if articulated well can have forever lasting consequences on many lives and institutions. Without access to education, many are left in a state of despair and isolation, stuck on a path leading to nowhere. Positive writing not only educates the reader but also highlights global issues and in turn, can be the catalyst for ultimate innovative change. Mary Wollstonecraft, ‘A Vindication of The Rights of Women’ is a perfect example of positive writing that handled global issues,” said Goff in the interview with Transcontinental Times.

“Anyone out there who has a desire to write, for pleasure or for future social-political change – Don’t give up – Trying is Achieving!” she urges.

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Goff believes that fiction and non-fiction writing can be considered simultaneously important. Although some facts are normally eliminated from fiction, fiction like non-fiction has also allowed academics, students, and the everyday reader an insight into certain times and lives. 

“The perfect example of this is the current movement of ‘Black lives matter.’ Historical facts have allowed writers to create fictional tales to highlight the discriminative behaviour of politicians and ancestors, and from this fictional knowledge, change is happening,” the author said.

“Such writing is enforcing equality and diversity globally and will change the future for many writers, thus allowing the once upon a time rejects of society to grow and flourish too. Without a true representation of factual fiction, the future will look bleak for society as a whole,” Goff concluded.


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